Types of Manicure and How to Choose the Best for You

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We all know that manicure is the care and grooming of hands and nails. Not everyone is so clear on how many types of manicures there are or what each one consists of. But do not worry, because we explain it to you in a summarized way.

Types of Manicure

The beauty of the hands is essential; we use our hands constantly to express ourselves in non-verbal language.

The hands are the means with which we express interest, admiration, and closeness, … and the only place in our hands to beautify the nails. That is why it is always important to have them ready; for that, we have to know the types of manicures that exist and How to Choose the Best for You.

Women always and at all times like to do well-groomed hands and naturally manicured nails. Because beautiful nails are not only synonymous with beauty but also health.

Hence, the manicure, on some occasions, can bring us continuous headaches for not knowing which type of manicure is the most suitable for continually boasting nails.

So it is important to know some types of manicures that exist, which are feasible to perform by ourselves at home, and which ones need us to attend a beauty center for their preparation. Now, we explain different nail genres and multiple tricks so you can do them for yourself. So you can always show perfect nails in all circumstances.

Basic Manicure

The basic manicure is actually the basis of all manicures. This basic manicure helps us to start taking care of our nails. The basic manicure consists of the following steps:

  1. Remove the nails
  2. Cut and/or file
  3. Treat the cuticle
  4. Massage the hands
  5. Make up the nails (enameled)

This is the last step you must take if you already want to finish the manicure with a simple and basic enamel; if you want to give it more style, keep reading and discover the rest of the manicure types.

Basic Manicure
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Manicure Type: Depending on the Duration of the Enameling

Permanent Manicure

A permanent manicure is a type of manicure that is performed with special enamels. Unlike common nail polishes, permanent nail polishes are fixed with LED lamps. You can also do a pedicure with the same method and with extraordinary results.

You must also remember that to remove the enamel; you must go to a specialized beauty salon; some beauty salons include an enamel removal service. It also includes an exfoliation or peeling and, of course, permanent nail polishing.

Semi-permanent manicure

This manicure is one of the most demanded in beauty centers. It is an intermediate duration between traditional and permanent manicures. This allows you to change the color of your nails or the type of manicure to perform more often.

And we also have to consider that it is less aggressive with the nails than the permanent manicure.

Still, and like everything in life, it will depend on the products they use in the beauty salon since there are even permanent manicures with high-quality products that take care of the nails.

Types of Manicure: According to the Enameled type

French Manicure

The French manicure is one of the best-known in types of manicure and is certainly one of the most demandable.

It originated in France in the early 20th century. This manicure brings an elegant and simple touch.

After cleaning the nails, cutting, and filing them, the hands are immersed in hot water. Then comes the enameled moment; for example, we can apply neutral enamel to the nails and paint them with thick white stripes on the tips.

Finally, a transparent layer is applied that covers the entire upper part of the nail.

This is just an example. We can combine as many colors as we want and constantly change. The combinations are endless!

French manicure

Reverse French Manicure

Although this manicure has the same name, it is somewhat less known, you have to like it, and you should also have longer nails so that it does not give you the feeling of “small nails.”

The stripe of a different enamel color that we put on the end of the nail for the traditional French manicure will now be on the bottom of the nail, which is in contact with the cuticle.

If you like it, it is an unconventional option and can be very cool!

American manicure

The American manicure is considered an alternative to the French manicure. This type of manicure seeks a more natural look in the final finish. Like this, products similar to those of the French manicure are applied but seek to make the color contrast more subtle and smooth.

As you can see, the variation is insignificant so we could confuse both types of manicures.

Italian manicure

It seems that the Italian manicure inherits the French manicure, which is exactly the same as the French manicure, but we change the strip we make at the end of the nail again.

It consists in that this time, we will not paint the fringe from side to side, but we will stop in the middle of the nail, giving a more biased and modern look to the nail; in this manicure, it is recommended to use striking colors for the fringe in such a way that note that the bias was made with the intention of attracting attention.

Italian manicure
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Russian manicure

In this type of manicure, the difference is exclusively in the method of treating nail cuticles.

In the Russian manicure, the cuticle is treated with a lathe, we have to be very precise when we work with the lathe, and not all professionals dare with this method; in terms of quality, it is practically priceless versus the traditional method of removing and treating the cuticle.

We can not say that it is exclusively a Russian manicure, but we will say that the trend in Russia is to wear long, square, and ornate nails in decoration.

Brazilian Manicure

With this manicure, we will try to make the nail last as long as possible so that its growth is not noticed, which is difficult because the nail grows. Still, we can achieve it by removing the cuticle completely and enameling it until it comes into contact with the skin; that is to say, we will glaze, trying to introduce the enamel as deeply as possible. We must remove the excess enamel in contact with the skin.

But keep in mind that the cuticle protects from external aggression, and by removing it we may have an infection.

Decorated Manicures

Decorated nails are in fashion!

Decorated manicures are a fantasy on the nails with colors, shapes, ornaments, animal prints, flowers, nail earrings, hair on the nails … everything you can think of. Here the only restriction is imagination and space; nails measure what they measure!

Decorated Manicures
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Types of manicures: According to Beauty Care

Paraffin Manicure

The paraffin manicure is also known as a full manicure. But this is just a fairly widespread trade name.

It is really about that prior to the enameling; a treatment is carried out in which the hands are immersed in paraffin until a homogeneous layer is formed.

Then they are covered with a plastic bag and mitts, and the paraffin is left to act for 10-15 minutes to remove it later.

Paraffin is an excellent moisturizer; it softens the skin providing an extra soft effect and relieves muscle and joint pain.

In the world, Beauty is here to stay!

Hot stone manicure

It is a hand care technique that is indicated for relaxation and the same.

Hot stones are placed on the hands to transmit the heat from the outside to the inside, so we can relax all the muscles of the hand and its tendons, then massage the hands to help drain and promote circulation.

Spa Manicure

It is one of the most complete manicures and usually includes several treatments for handling hands and nails.

The most common treatments of Spa Manicures are massage, exfoliation, nutrition, hydration, and enamel to choose.

Being the most complete, it is very cool; you touch your hands and relax a lot! Try it once in a lifetime (at least)!

Corner Manicure

The corner manicure involves applying a different color to the nail’s corner. You can play with the position of this contrast, placing it below, above, to the right, or left. It is an option that has been gaining popularity over time.

Corner Manicure

Marco Manicure

It is required great precision for Marco’s manicure design. A fine line must be marked with a color that contrasts with the one used as the base. It is applied throughout the nail’s contour after applying the enamel all over the nail.

Gradient Manicure

Gradient manicure is very artistic. It consists of combining two colors and applying them to the nail mixed to diffuse the change between one color and another. It is a type of manicure that has a modern look.

Feng Shui Manicure

In the Feng Shui manicure, the ring finger is highlighted. According to Feng Shui, the ring finger represents love and harmony. So this philosophy has been used to decorate or paint the ring finger differently from the rest of the nails.

Mirror Manicure

If you want to show your inner shine through your nails, we think the mirror manicure is the best.

Once all the basic manicure steps are complete, apply a thick coat of black or any other dark nail polish. You can use nail polish gel for a more lasting effect. When the nail polish is dry, apply the chrome-colored nail polish for the desired mirror effect. Apply a thin layer and dry it again under the UV lamp.

Mirror Manicure

Shellac Manicure

Are you too lazy to take care of your nails regularly? If so, the shellac manicure will certainly be your type. It is a mixture of gel and nail polish; manicure lacquer is known for its durability, which translates into less chance of chipping.

First, clean, file, and shape your nails with your manicure lathe. Then apply two coats of lacquer nail polish. Each layer must be dried using a dryer. Finally, a topcoat is applied to the nails. Unlike the gel manicure, the shellac lacquer manicure makes your nails stronger.

Vinylux manicure

Are you easily bored with the same nail style? Then the Vinylux type of manicure is what you need. This nail manicure has incredible staying power but can be easily removed.

As always, before applying, take care, and nourish your nails. To apply the Vinylux manicure, you do not need to apply any base coat, as this enamel does not break easily. Directly apply the desired Vinylux nail color, which you have available in various colors. You will apply two coats and a final layer of protection. You can further embellish your nails with stones and decals if you wish. They will really give a differentiating touch to your nails.

Types of Manicure: According to the Types of False Nails

Gel Nail Manicure

Gel nails have a long duration; they can even reach a month. Besides that, the result is the most natural of you touch the false nail techniques.

The gel is deposited on the nail in the cold, which adheres perfectly to the nail and finally leaves a thin layer that must be hardened with ultraviolet light.

The good thing about this technique is that when the nail grows, you can fill in the previous part and thus only give us a touch-up to make it look good. Then we can enamel them with any of the enameling techniques.

gel manicure

Acrylic Nail Manicure

This type of nail is made by mixing acrylic powders with a binder liquid that adheres to the nail and shapes it.

We can make our nails become long nails instantly. The products used are very technical and you must have knowledge and skill to perfect them.

After drying, we must

Metallic Manicure

Metallic manicure has become very popular. These are enamels with metallic colors that are applied directly to the nail. Although they do not last long, the effect they achieve is incredible and worth even if only for a few days.

Ceramic or Porcelain Manicure

In a ceramic manicure, a ceramic layer is created above the nail. The good thing is that you can give it the shape and color you want.

Before doing any type of Manicure you should

1. Leave your nails perfectly clean, and in case you have traces of nail paint, remove it with nail polish remover.

2. File and shape your nails.

3. Apply a small amount of cuticle cream and let it act for a few minutes.

4. Before starting the manicure, apply a nail hardener. This will make them stronger and brighter.

Precautions to Avoid Accidents
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Precautions to Avoid Accidents in All Types of Manicure

Manicures are the preferred way to pamper and care for your hands, but if they are not done well, they can have several risks. The chances of nail injuries and infections are extremely high during manicure procedures. Every year, medical consultations related to infection or fungal infections contracted during manicure or pedicure work increase. So you should always:

  • Apply hand sanitizer before starting any type of manicure.
  • Use clean and sterilized equipment through rigorous cleaning processes.
  • If you do your manicure at home, do not trim the cuticle but remove it back.

Nail trends and fashions are constantly changing, as are manicure styles. Choose a manicure type that suits your preferences, then customize it. There is plenty of scope to experiment with colors and decorations (like artificial nails and stones). Don’t be a shy person and experiment! If you like to read more about types of manicures in detail, you can visit our Manicure category.

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