What is Russian manicure? How to do it at Home Easily

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Have you heard of the Russian manicure? Surely, in a while, it is on everyone’s lips. So, since you also like to try new and beautiful things for your nails, you decide to do a little more research to find out what the Russian manicure is and how you could make it yourself. If so, and you get to read these lines, perfect! In nailcarezone.com, we are going to give you some straightforward steps to do it at home, and we will also solve all your questions about this type of manicure. Let’s see it!

What Is Russian manicure or Hardware manicure?

The origin of this manicure is in Russia. There the manicure is synonymous with elegance and femininity, and that is why they are always up to date in this matter of having perfect and modern nails.

This novel enameling technique consists of filing the cuticle and surrounding skin with an electric winch and strawberries, as well as cleaning any remaining dirt. The nails are immaculate and cuticle free. It is a technique that is done dry with which you can polish closer to the skin. The results are flawless nails for longer.

Hardware manicure

What do I need to do the Russian manicure at home?

To do the Russian manicure, you will need every one of the materials that we detail here. First of all, we must tell you that it is a method that gives excellent results, but it has to be done the right way. Carefully read the steps that we detail and, when in doubt, pay a visit to your usual beauty center. To do the Russian manicure you will need:

  • A lathe that does not emit any vibration.
  • High-performance diamond burs.
  • You will be needed a permanent, regular, or gel polish. You can also choose if you want acrylic or gel nails.
  • Primer or base for nails.
  • Cuticle oil.

All these materials must be of high quality, only then will you get the results you expect.

How to do the Russian manicure step by step

It is time to see step by step how to do this manicure that is so fashionable. That said, pay attention, and you will avoid making any mistake that spoils your Russian manicure.

Corner Manicure

Step 1: Clean the skin of your nails

First of all, clean the skin from the edges of the nails to remove any remaining dead cells or dirt. We clean with a soft brush and disinfect.

Step 2: Treat the cuticle

In this step, we are going to lift the cuticle with the help of lathes or strawberries. Be careful not to hurt your skin.

Step 3: Polish your nails

The Russian manicure differs from a conventional manicure. It is about polishing the hard skin that has been detached by the typical dryness. We file the surface of the nail with the strawberries, and we will do it very carefully.

Russian manicure step by step

Step 4: Apply regular, permanent nail polish or gel polish

Apply the chosen product without leaving any space between the nail and the skin. Take a colored nail polish that you like the most or design your nails with nail art. It’s up to you!

Step 5: hydrate the cuticle

The last step, just as important as the previous ones, is to hydrate the cuticles well with a specific oil.

Now you know how to do your Russian manicure step by step at home. Do you dare to try?

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