American Manicure: What it is and How to do it at home step by step

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The American manicure is simple, beautiful, and looks very natural. It has a certain resemblance to the French manicure, but there are some variations to take into account, such as the order in which we apply the enamels. What is the American manicure, and how to do it at home step by step? Watch out because we are going to give you the keys to show off ideal and spectacular nails. You will see what a successful result you have left!

10 Steps Of American manicure

Unlike the French manicure, nude colours are used in the American instead of just white, although you will see later that on certain occasions, it can be changed to a fiery red. Another fact to keep in mind is that in this nail design, we are going to put the colour of the nail tip first. Quiet, it is more straightforward than it seems.

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Step 1. Prepare your nails

Before starting the American manicure, what we have to do in preparing the nails. To do this, clean, remove any remains of the previous enamel, and cut the nails so that they are as square as possible. Every night (and every morning), you should put on some moisturizing hand cream, it will be so they look beautiful and well cared for.

Step 2. Clean the cuticle

Some girls have a cuticle on their fingernails that is so small that it is barely visible and others that are very large. The best and fastest way is to trim a little carefully, so it will take time to regrow and will not spoil the beautiful look of your hands. If you are one of the first group, all you have to do is push the cuticle back a little with a file.

Step 3. Apply the base coat

It’s time to apply the pre-base or base coat to the entire nail. It is a colourless enamel that helps prepare the nail, makes it look shiny, and also ensures that the polish you are going to put on later lasts intact for many more days. You have to go to your usual beauty centre to get the base coat; it will serve for this manicure and for all the ones you are going to design on another occasion.

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Step 4. Draw the nail line

As you already know, in the French manicure, the enamel that covers the base of the nail is put first. In the American manicure, it is done backwards. Freehand or with the help of a template, draw the line (as straight as possible) that goes at the tip of the nails. As for the colour, you decide, the traditional manicure has always been done in white, pink, or soft beige. The modern one opts for vivid tones such as intense pink or fiery red.

Step 5. Apply the base polish

Now it’s time to paint the rest of the nail. Here you can also choose the shade that you like the best and best suits each occasion. For example, if the tip is red, the base is transparent; in this case, you can cover the nail completely. If the tip is in light tones, then the base is in nude or ivory, it is much more natural, and you can wear it with casual looks and many others arranged.

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Step 6. Fix with nail polish

Once we have everything, let it dry for a few minutes, check if it is necessary to apply a second layer and finish off with a transparent protective layer called nail lacquer or topcoat. This step is vital because it will make your American manicure look like new for several days.

Choose your look, paint your nails with the fashionable American manicure and go out and show it off today. Perfect! Read more about Manicure from our category. 

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