Brazilian Manicure: How To Do At Home Step By Step

Brazilian Manicure

Do you want to know a secret that will make your hands and nails perfect and super healthy? This is the Brazilian manicure or dry manicure. It is a beauty treatment that provides the hydration, softness, and nutrition of hands, nails, and cuticles. Do you want to know how to get it at home and … Read more

Gel manicure : Everything You Should Know Before Applying

gel manicure

Unlike conventional manicures, gel nails stay much longer and make life easier. For many women, they have become an aesthetic miracle that they could not give up. Today, Nail Care Zone tells you everything you need to know about why choose a gel manicure. Read on! What is gel manicure? Gel nails are more fashionable … Read more

How to do your caviar manicure step by step?

How to do your caviar manicure

Perhaps you have already heard of one of the manicures that have been creating more trend lately, in this case, we are talking about the caviar manicure. In this article, we are going to explain some simple tips to you so that you can do your caviar manicure step by step from home. Although it … Read more

Japanese manicure : What Is It and Step By Step Guide

Japanese manicure

One of the latest trends for nails is Japanese manicure. In Japan, the care of the hands and especially of the nails is essential, so that the so-called Japanese manicure has become fashionable, which consists of wearing clean and well-polished nails, but with a system that is specific for each person. Let’s see, then, a … Read more

French Manicure Guide: Steps to Make Great Nails

French Manicure Guide

Do you like French manicure? We too! That is why you should be aware of everything: what is its price, what to do if it turns out that you have short nails and you are dying to show off your chicest nails, what steps you must follow to show off tremendous and divine nails, what … Read more

Russian manicure, french manicure or Japanese manicure?


Russian manicure, french manicure, or Japanese manicure? We’ve never heard of a manicure so much. The treatments and techniques that accompany this care are varied and range from simple filing to the most diverse masks and ointments. Over 4000 years ago, the ancients already stood out in the care of their nails. Bright, pigmented with … Read more