How Long Does A Manicure Take ( Acrylic Manicure )

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Acrylic nails are extensions that are made of natural nails and consist of a mixture of powders and liquid acrylic. This type of Acrylic Manicure can be obtained through a mold or with a tip, and currently, you can choose to do it in an aesthetic site or from home. We all want to have perfect nails without spending too much time on them, so the question is understandable: how long does a manicure take?

How Long Does A Manicure Take ( Acrylic Manicure )

The sculpted nails, that is to say, the ones of mold, have a longer time of realization, and, in general, the process usually lasts an hour and a half, but it is much more durable. The second option, the tips, has a shorter process, approximately half an hour, but it has a handicap of its duration, which is less than the previous one.

If you decide to put on nails sculpted in acrylics, you must consider that they are for a long period; you cannot put them on one day, and the next day, you want to take them off because you will damage your natural nail.

It is also important to know that they require a filling process every 15 or 20 days, depending on the growth of your natural nail, because if the nail’s beginning would not be seen, something that does not look good. To remove the enamel on the acrylic nail, simply use the same steps as for naturally painted nails. You just have to take a nail polish remover without acetone and remove it with a little cotton.

Features of Acrylic Nails

Features of Acrylic Nails

Another recommendation is to know all the details for the sculptured nails from home, without forgetting the steps of cutting and filing the nails, as in any manicure. For the application of the acrylic, you will have to do it with the help of a brush or brush and always a correct amount; after its drying will be about 10 minutes approximately. Once placed, you will only have to give them color and not forget about their care, as they are essential for their maintenance.

You can do the acrylic manicure at home, but you can also go to your trusted beauty center so that a professional can do it. In this way, the finish may be much more beautiful and natural.

Now that you know how long an acrylic manicure takes, do you want to try it on your own hands? If you want to know more about how to do the manicure correctly and how to take care of your nails, stay tuned to Nail Care Zone.

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