How To Do A Permanent Manicure At Home Easiest Way

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If you are tired of painting your nails and they last one afternoon, it is excruciating. Now we will show you the steps about how to do a permanent Manicure At Home without noticing any problems.

Permanent nail polishes are revolutionizing manicures due to their durability and elegant result.

Like a few years ago, no need to put on false nails or decorate them with stickers. Thanks to the permanent enamels, very long-lasting results (between two and three weeks in duration) with a very natural appearance.

The demand in beauty salons for permanent manicures and other aesthetic treatments has exploded, which is why you may want to learn how to apply this type of manicure with home remedies.

Steps to Do the Permanent Manicure

Before you get to work, you will have to know some tricks and required elements: Kit for a permanent manicure, they are usually sold complete with the base, permanent enamel, nutritious oil, and some utensils.

Features of Acrylic Nails

You will also need a cleaner, cotton, cardboard files, an emery file, cuticle sticks, a cutter, a nail clipper, and a UV light lamp.

  • Just like in traditional manicure, you need to prepare your nails. Shape the nails with a cardboard file and if necessary, shorten the size of each one with a nail clipper.
  • Next, remove the cuticles. We can use small wooden sticks to eliminate the skin or some other manicure tool for this purpose. We must take special care since it is a delicate nail area.
  • Smooth the natural surface of the nail using an emery file, a nail file, or a polisher. This step is essential for the enamel to fix well.
  • For the nail to be completely ready, we must apply a cotton cleaner to each one, in this way we will avoid that the nail remains with any remaining dirt, moisture, or grease.
  • Now we will apply a thin layer of base gel. This base coat will be in charge of protecting the natural nail from the enamel. We must look closely at the tip of the nail, covering it well.
  • The time has come to apply permanent enamel. We will work with the little, ring, heart, and index fingers and we will leave the thumbs for last. When we have painted the fingers of one hand, we will dry the nails under the LED lamp for 60 seconds. Then we will repeat the process with the nails of the other side and finally with the thumbs.
  • To continue, we will apply a new layer of permanent enamel, as we did in the previous step.
  • We will apply a layer of shine, allowing it to dry for another 60 seconds under the LED lamp.
  • When the nails are dry, if you wish you can add some decoration and finish, we will apply cleaner again, removing any remaining dirt that may have adhered. Our nails are ready!

We can say that the permanent manicure only differs from the traditional one in the type of enamel to be applied, in the base and the shine used, as well as in the time that we must leave the nails drying under the UV light of a lamp Led.

Types of Manicure
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Remove the Permanent Enamel

Removing this permanent nail polish is not easy as it happens with traditional enamel. It is very attached to the nail, and any attempt to remove it without the appropriate products can cause us to remove the nail, weakening and damaging it, for this reason, the enamel is usually removed standing in a beauty salon.

Removing the permanent enamel means having to pass the file over the nail to remove the shine and then wrap each nail in cotton moistened with a special remover and in aluminium foil covering the cotton.

Usually, beauty salons remove the nail polish for free if we do the manicure in its centre.

Advantages of Permanent Manicure

  • Drying is immediate, as it requires an LED lamp to dry the nails, in just a minute they will be ready.
  • It is an ideal option for women with little time since it lasts a couple of weeks as the first day.
  • Brighter results are achieved than with traditional enamel.

Disadvantages of Permanent Manicure

  • It is not a type of manicure which is suitable for women with weak nails.
  • Removing the enamel is not an easy task.
  • For drying it requires an LED lamp, so if we want to do this type of manicure in our home, we will have to have an led light.
  • The enamel is more expensive than the traditional one.

As you can see, the steps to do the permanent manicure at home are not too complicated in theory, but it requires a lot of practice to pick up the nail polish and not touch the skin when painting the nails. So we recommend Before you paint your nails with permanent enamel, try a few times with traditional enamel, which is cheaper, so you can improve your skills by painting your nails. Read more about permanent manicure at home you can visit our manicure category.

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