Spa Manicure: A relaxing massage for your nails and hands

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Spa manicures are much more than just filing and painting your nails. Instead, it is quite a rest for your nails and hands. In this frenzy in which everyone lives today, it is necessary to find certain moments of relaxation to balance stress. Aim the spa manicure to enjoy a time for yourself where the only thing that matters is your relaxation and happiness. We tell you how a rest massage for your nails and hands can be very beneficial for your health.

What is a spa manicure?

The process included in the spa manicure is very varied, although all of them have the same objective: to make you relax. At the same time, it seeks to regain the health of some hands or nails punished by the lack of hydration and daily care. These are some of the most common spa manicure techniques that, although not always applied in their entirety, do help to achieve balance on the skin and are very pleasant.

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Paraffin immersion

One of the techniques that use during a spa manicure is paraffin immersion. When the hands are introduced into this hot wax, and through the subsequent application of oil, the hydration of the hands and nails is improved. After this treatment, the skin on the hands is much softer and smoother.

Hot stones

Hot stones with which the hand is massaged are also prevalent within the spa manicure. Round ridges of volcanic origin are usually used to arrange at different temperatures at specific points on the hand. Thanks to the different temperatures, blood circulation is stimulated, and a pleasant feeling of relaxation is provided. This technique is so relaxing that sometimes its only application is enough to achieve total relaxation.

Exfoliation of hands

Exfoliation is also common during spa manicures. To exfoliate the skin, products are used that rub against the forearms and hands to remove impurities and dead skin that has accumulated. Many nail specialists prefer to use natural products on the skin such as salts or small minerals since, in this way, they avoid chemicals and other substances that can end up damaging the skin in the long term.

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Hydration masks

When the levels of hydration of the nails and hands are deficient, we use moisturizing masks, which manage to keep the skin looking good and in good health. These spread over the entire surface of the hand, impacting more on the nails through a gentle massage. For the properties of these moisturizing cosmetics to penetrate better, a towel or warm gloves are usually placed.

Cuticle treatment

After being sure that you have managed to relax with massages, explorations, and other treatments, a cuticle remover is applied to carry out the manicure itself. It is important to know how to work with cuticles (always looking for hydration) to avoid nail damage and infections.

Nail cutting and filing

After removing the cuticles, file your nails in the way you like the best—round, square, pointed end. There are several options that you can try depending on what you are looking for. Some prefer to use false nails and opt for gel, porcelain, or acrylic ones.

Enamel or desired manicure

Once the nails are ready, it is time to paint them. Firstly, a clear enamel base is applied as a base to prevent enamel pigments from damaging your nails. Let it dry thoroughly, and from this moment on, you can unleash your imagination and make the nail styles that you like the most from uniform creations with a single colour to the most colourful nail art with thousands of different shapes on each of your nails. If you are more classic, we tell you the secrets of a perfect French manicure.

Spa Manicure

Remember: always apply two layers of colored enamel and then a transparent topcoat (matte, glossy, or metallic). It will help you to seal the polish so that it lasts longer and to hide small imperfections.

Massage is a must of spa manicure

Perhaps the hallmark of spa manicures is massage. For this reason, it is usually recommended to visit a beauty centre to take advantage of all its benefits and achieve absolute relaxation. Only in this way can they use the professional techniques that best suit your case. To perform the massages, the beautician uses a wide variety of products such as almond oil, jojoba, aloe vera cream, mineral salts. If aromatic products are used, it will become an experience that goes beyond touch.

But, if you dare and take a little practice, you can also learn to massage your loved ones on the hands and nails.

How to do a good rest massage for your nails and hands

  1. The massage can be accompanied by many products depending on the results sought. For example, if you want to exfoliate your hands, you should mix a little cream with brown sugar or salts, but if you’re going to hydrate, use a moisturizer or body oil. Put a sufficient amount of product on the back of the hand. Usually, a quantity comparable to the size of a walnut is adequate.
  2. With your thumbs, start by massaging the back of the hand from top to bottom. Follow the shape of the bones, at the same time that you spread the product throughout the hand.
  3. Continue the vertical finger-to-finger massage and affect each of the nails, especially if you want to hydrate the skin well.
  4. Turn your hand over and massage the palm in full circles. Move your thumbs in a different direction for greater relaxation. Don’t forget to massage the end of your hand well.
  5. For absolute relaxation, continue with the massage beyond the hand and go up the forearm. Continue vertical movements until you reach the elbow. If you notice that you have run out of the product, you can add a little more to the skin avoiding waste.

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