7 Tips Of Toenails Care You Should Know And Follow

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Toenails care is not just a matter of aesthetics. We always want to keep them beautiful, especially in summer, when we shine our feet more frequently. But their well-being influences much more than beauty. When the toenails have problems, they can cause discomfort, condition our walking, restrict our movements, and cause back pain due to how they package our posture.

The surprising thing is that considering all the problems, it is straightforward to take care of toenails.

7 Tips For Toenails Care

Now we are going to tell you more effective seven toenails care tips. We hope these tips will be very beneficial in your daily life.

Cut your nails straight.

The main difference between fingernail and toe care is in your cut. Unlike the second one, molding them with a nail clipper is not an option.

Toenails should always be cut straight as rounded cutting can result in ingrown toenails. If you don’t like this style of pedicure, you can try smoothing the edges with a file. Attention, here the key is to soften, not to round.

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Don’t cut too much

Surely it has already happened to you to cut your toenails too much. And in those moments, you know that you have passed the limit because you feel pain, and the skin that should be covered becomes very sensitive, causing discomfort even when walking.

The toenails are one of the body’s most sensitive parts to inflammation. Sweat, the rubbing of shoes and socks, and the impurities they collect from the ground create the perfect conditions for developing fungi and bacteria.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and cut them more often rather than cut them too much all at once and leave sensitive skin exposed.

Don’t cut the cuticles.

Cuticles are a natural barrier to nails. If you remove or cut them, you will create a hole in their protection where bacteria and fungi can settle. So it is essential in the case of toenails.

Moisturize cuticles with oils and creams so they don’t dry out or flake off. If you keep them hydrated and healthy, there is no reason to worry about them at your pedicure. You leave them, and that’s it.

Why Do Toenails Turn Orange
Why Do Toenails Turn Orange

If you want to paint your nails, soak your feet in warm water to soften the cuticles. Using a small toothpick, gently push them in to prepare the nail surface for the nail polish. Be careful when handling the toothpick not to break the cuticles in the process.

Choose the glazes carefully.

With age, toenails tend to become weaker, flake, and turn slightly yellow. The use of chemical enamels can speed up this process.

Remove the glaze often.

Toenails are more prone to staining or yellowing if you have been painting them for a long time. Instead of betting on durable enamels, we recommend removing the nail polish at the end of two or three days and reapplying it (preferably in another color) to avoid these stains.

Hydrates nails and cuticles

To keep your toenails healthy and beautiful, you must hydrate and nourish them. Only in this way can they be strong enough to face all the aggression they are subject to.

Apply a bit of petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil on them, taking care to blend the product on both the surface and the cuticles. Carefully massage during application to promote the absorption of nutrients.

Home Remedies For Yellow Toenails

Take care of ingrown nails

Ingrown toenails are painful, but, more important than that, they are a possible source of infections and problems. If you notice that one of your nails penetrates the skin, act immediately to avoid further problems.

Wash your feet very well, and with dental floss or toothpick, slightly lift the ingrown nail to detach it from the skin. Next, bandage your finger to protect it from impurities and avoid rubbing with your socks. Repeat this procedure every day, applying a new bandage every time. You can also place a small piece of cotton between the ingrown nail and the skin when you lift it, to ensure that it does not return to its initial position. In this case, do not forget to change the cotton piece every day.

Toenails do not need specific care. Instead, they need you to adapt your daily habits to prevent problems. Otherwise, it is letting them do their job and maintaining good hygiene. Read more about toenail care from our toy nail care category.

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