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The feet are possibly the most affected part of the body in summer. These support the entire weight of the body, suffer consequences when walking, and, depending on the type of shoe you wear, they may suffer more than normal. It is essential to spend time on the feet to take care of them and fill them with vitality in the summer where high temperatures, the sand on the beach, and even the chlorine in the pool spoil them.

That is why today in Nail Care Zone tell you what is the Best Healthy Toenail Care in Summer. If you take into account a few small details, your feet will be healthier than ever despite the heat.

Best Healthy Toenail Care in Summer

Toenail Care in Summer

Avoid fungi

Being in contact with the water we can risk having fungi, to avoid it you must dry your feet after the pool or the beach and put on flip-flops when showering in a public bathroom. With these tips, you will avoid the spread of fungus on your nails. Spend a moment at your feet and dry all its corners well, even the most hidden ones. Do not forget to pass the towel between your fingers.


In summer we have drier and rougher feet, but we can avoid it with a lot of hydration. For this, we must drink two litres of water a day and use a home remedy that serves as hydration. The remedy consists of mixing an avocado, plain yogurt, and a little honey. We will have to apply the mask on the feet, leave it to act for 15 minutes, and remove it with lukewarm water.

Wear proper footwear

For this more comfortable in summer, we must use sandals or shoes that have ventilation. In this way, the feet will be cleaner, drier, and in accordance with the ambient temperature. Sometimes, finding the perfect shoes is very complicated, but it is about trying different models and knowing the characteristics and needs of your feet.

Cut the nails

You have to keep nails short and so straight. With this size and this shape we will avoid that, for example, the sand on the beach does not get into our nails. Remember to cut the nails as soon as they get out of the water because they will be softer and you will make sure not to damage them.

Apply enamel

Although this last section is not specifically a type of care, it is good to give colour to our feet. When we do the pedicure in summer we are spending time on ourselves and it also helps us to clear ourselves. Apply the enamel you prefer and remember to protect the nail first with a transparent base so that the pigments in the enamel do not turn the nail yellow. Take the opportunity to get fashionable from head to toe.

If you want to know more about nail and foot care, pay attention to everything we tell you. And check our Toy Nail Care Category.

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