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French Manicure Guide: Steps to Make Great Nails

Do you like French manicure? We too! That is why you should be aware of everything: what is its price, what to do if it turns out that you have short nails and you are dying to show off your chicest nails, what steps you must follow to show off tremendous and divine nails, what are the tips necessary to make it last longer.  Do you find many things? In the nail care zone, we bring you the guide on the French manicure you need to have. Look look!

French manicure is still as fashionable as the first day

Yes, dear friend, it turns out that the French manicure, which by the way, as we have been told, created the United States, does not go out of style. Is it because it is one of the most elegant? Or perhaps because it fits all of them, or because it combines with any look (except for the extra casual ones) or probably its success is because it is so simple to do that we can even design it ourselves at home. The case is that in the nail care zone, we have set to work to tell you in the same post everything about this manicure. Do you want to see how well it has turned out? Let us begin!

fashionable Manicure

What is the price of the French manicure?

Well, prices are as many and as different as beauty salons. Our advice is that you don’t spend too much or too little; You will find places where you paint your nails for less than $ 15, but it is unlikely that it will stay as expected and that it will last intact for more than four days. Some spend $ 60, okay, they look great, but maybe it is a lot of money. Especially if you have in mind trying to do it yourself at home. In the middle is the key. When in doubt as to whether it is cheap or expensive, ask about the enamels they use and also ask if they apply a hydrating layer after the treatment.

How long do French Manicure nails last?

More or less a week and a half, you depend, of course, on the products you have used or have used in the beauty salon, how hydrated your nails usually are, the hustle and bustle you give them and things like that. Another option is the semi-permanent French manicure. It lasts intact for about 15 days, and the result is usually very natural. Of course, when you are going to remove it better, do it with a professional so that the nail is not damaged.

How long last

Make your manicure to last longer

We already knew that the fact that French nails only last you one week was not going to convince you at all, so here are some tips to make them last longer:

  • Seal your manicure with a protective gel.
  • During the first days, avoid doing things that can damage your nails. It seems obvious, but it is worth remembering.
  • Always hydrate hands and nails.
  • No biting or touching them much.
  • Use quality enamels and colours.
  • Rest your nails between manicures and manicures; it is not that it helps you so that the French last longer, but it is helpful for the nail to be taken care of and look beautiful.

Steps to do your French manicure yourself at home

You can do it in the beauty salon, of course, a pampering session every once in a while is suitable for all of us, or you can choose the option of painting your nails yourself at home and being surprised by the chic result you achieve. If you are interested in the latter, you will have to.

Steps of manicure

  • Apply a layer of white nail lacquer to the end of the nail and, once it has dried a little, give another coat of natural nail polish on the rest of the nail. Easy, right? The French manicure is that white on the tip of the nail and transparent on the rest. Now, if you want a professional result, also do the following steps that we are going to tell you.
  • Clean your hands and nails of any remaining enamel. File well so that they are to your liking, if you file after applying the nail polish, you can spoil them. Extra tip: always use a nail polish remover that contains vitamins; it is a great help to prevent your nails from drying out too much. Another tip, when you file your fingernails or toenails, always do it in the same direction.
  • As for cuticles, there is no need for cuts experts advise pushing them back a bit with a nail stick, so they don’t show much.
  • Before applying the colour on your nails, put on a protective base layer, better than better if, in addition to being protective, it has a little bit of shine, it will be much more beautiful.
  • And finally, put on a little moisturizer to make them look pretty, beautiful, and well-groomed.

short nails

What if I have short nails? How can I get it?

Well, just like we saw. Prepare the nails, apply the enamels, and hydrate. Okay, fine, we know that with short nails it is a little more complicated than with long nails, let’s see what you think about these tricks:

  • Help yourself with adhesive tapes. The usual trick of putting a little sticky tape on the tip of the nail to paint each area of ​​the colour that touches it is a great help when you have them short, and you can not wait for them to grow. You can use the tape you have at home or get one created, especially for French nails. Remember to smooth well so that there are no bubbles.
  • Paint the base of your nail a little white so that the feeling of being a bit longer, beware, do not overdo it if it is not going to be very ugly. What you do with this trick is to get the feeling that the base is shorter than it is.
  • Remove the remains with a nail stick. The short nails are practical but somewhat complicated when it comes to painting, so help yourself whenever you need it from a stick orange nail to remove traces of enamel.

version of French nails

The modern version of French nails, do you dare?

It turns out that you can choose the usual French manicure with the blank tip or you can go modern and colourful. Vivid colours on the tip of the nail like red, orange, or yellow and the classic clear base polish, isn’t that great? Wear it to accompany your most summery outfits; you will surely leave everyone with their mouths open. A note, this modern manicure is not suitable for special occasions; in those cases, opt for traditional French nails.

Finally, we are left to talk to you about the inverse version, that is, the nail is white minus the transparent tip. Perhaps it may give you the impression that it is a bit strange, but you will see that when you try it, you repeat if so, try sometime to put a pinch of shine on the tip of the nail. When can you wear it? Well, when you want but always match your look and your personality.

Are you a fan of French manicure? What colours do you usually choose? Share it with us! Also, you can read more articles about manicure from our category.

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