Top 10 Tips On How To Care Nails At Home

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It is time to give yourself some time just for yourself. Our nails, like our hands, are something that says a bunch about our image and our personal care. so let’s talk about how to care nails at home.

How to care nails at home

For taking care of your nails, simply as we apply moisturizers to our face, conditioners to the hair, or scrubs all over our body, we must have to include the task of caring for the nails in our usual daily beauty routine. Caring for nails at home is not so much difficult when you know a few simple and effective home remedy tricks.

Fingernails and toenails can present problems of dehydration, brittleness, fungus, or yellowing, caused by the use of poor quality enamels or the use of inappropriate products. Here you will find 10 tips for nail care that you can do at home, and if you liked it you can share it with your loved one. let’s get started.

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1. Remove Stains on Nails

The remedy that we propose to eliminate these stains is to rub the surface of the nail with a lemon cut in half and then wash and dry your nails well so that no traces remain. Try applying this remedy frequently until the stain disappears.

The advice we give you to prevent these spots from appearing on your nails is above all hygienic, such as using new cotton every time you apply nail polish remover or washing and drying your nails with lukewarm water and soap to remove possible dirt.

2. Strengthen Them

It is important that these days you strengthen your nails more than ever because you will be the one who does them. In Essie they have a product called Treat, Love & Color, with green tea extract that treats fragile and sensitive nails, and also gives them a bright and colorful finish. The recommendation is to apply two coats of the product, to maintain natural hydration, for seven days.

3. Care of Your Nail Cuticles

The cuticles are in charge of protecting the area where the nails are born, that is why it is very important to take proper care of them. It is recommended not to cut them, keep them away from the cold, and regularly apply a soft moisturizing cream, especially for cuticles, if possible, with a gentle massage. It is also advisable to wear hand gloves whenever you are going to deal with cleaning products to prevent them from being damaged.

If for any reason you have to cut them, try using a previously disinfected cutter.

A good trick to easily remove the polish if you paint your nails is to apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the cuticles before painting your nails. This will also help hydrate them.

4. Avoid Bad Habits

Many times we notice that our nails become weak and we do not know why. Before thinking that we suffer from some kind of disease or disorder, we should stop to think if we repeat a bad habit in our day to day life.
Some of these bad habits can be eating or biting your nails, opening objects or bottles that can split or damage your nails, or smoking, which makes your nails turn yellow. It is also not advisable to cut the cuticles when doing a manicure or use inappropriate materials, without disinfecting or of poor quality.

5. Moisturizing Your Nails

our Nails always need hydration to remain healthy. In this case, I want to recommend a very simple gesture as bathing them in olive oil. Let your nails soak for a few minutes. after some minutes massage them so that they can absorb the nutrients as well. let you know one more thing, If you want to harden them at the same time, then please apply a few drops of castor oil to this.

6. Cut Your Nails Regularly

Although it is preferable to use the file to the scissors, you can cut your nails if they are too long and you no longer want to wear them that way. Always do it with appropriate scissors or nail clippers and following the shape of the cuticle, which will be the natural shape of your nails. The best time to do it without much effort is when we get out of the shower because the nails are softer.

7. File them properly

Use a cardboard file, preferably a metal one, to avoid leaving chips. To make the filling less aggressive, soak your hands in lukewarm water with a little soap for a few minutes. This way we will not be able to attack the layers of the nail too much.

File from one side to the other, always following the same direction and with long, smooth strokes. Never file back and forth. At the ends, pass the line slightly diagonally connecting the movement with the rest of the edge of the nail. To remove loose debris, run the file vertically from top to bottom along the edge of the nail, in one-way movements.

8. Let them breathe

Although you love to see your nails decorated, from time to time it is convenient to let them breathe, naturally, without even treating enamels. Also, try not to paint them and remove your makeup more than once a week so as not to abuse them excessively. If you do, use acetone-free nail polish remover and always protect your nails from colored lacquers with good quality bases that include a strengthening treatment.

9. Use Hand Cream 

I can recommend a hand cream “hands and perfect nails, ” a multi-active cream Multicare line that can really help take care of your hands.

Use it after each wash and massage your hands for a couple of minutes and don’t forget to apply it to the nails and cuticles of your fingers. This will also give your hands and nails elasticity so that if they bump they are flexible enough not to break.

10. Apply Nail Polish

Having painted nails is also part of a good nail care routine since having them this beautiful will motivate us to continue taking care of them, either so that the polish lasts longer or to maintain the health of our nails.
Here we show you some tips to apply nail polish correctly.

  1. To do this, first, use ” Base Smart Color ” enamel.
  2. Then ” Colorfix Gel Enamel ” in the tone of your choice.
  3. To finish ” Gel Care Brillo Colorfix Enamel “.

nail tips

If you were to paint off the nail, you can clean it with a swab soaked in nail polish remover to have a neater finish.
So here we let you know how to care nails at home. Go ahead and make this change in your hand, nail, and cuticle care routine and be surprised with the short and long-term results. Taking time to take care of both our nails and our health and that of our loved ones is always important. So ready, steady, go.


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