Top 10 Questions About Gel Nails Read Before Doing

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The manicure technique helps us to look for great nails in a very short time. One of those manicures is the gel one, which allows you to show off your nails in the most natural way without spending exorbitant money.

For those who decide to bet on this type of manicure, it is necessary to know these ten things before doing it.

Top 10 Questions About Gel Nails

1. Why bet on gel nails?

The gel manicure will ensure nails are in perfect condition for a long duration. Betting on this technique is a matter of taste, but it is certainly a guaranteed option.

2. How are they placed?

The gel nails’ realization involves cleaning them to place the molds later. Then you will have to fill the mold with the shape you like and apply the product.

3. Do they need to be dried with a UV lamp?

Drying lamps are the most recommended for a better finish in the gel manicure, but they are not mandatory to dry.

4. How do they withdraw?

Removing the gel manicure is accomplished with an electric file. With this utensil, you will ensure not to damage the surface of the natural nail.

5. How is care performed?

To keep the nails in perfect condition, you must hydrate them with a few drops of oil. Reviewing them every two or three weeks is also recommended, depending on how your natural nail grows.

6. What price do they have?

The price can vary between 30 and 80 euros, depending on where you go to do it or the kit you buy from home.

7. How long do they last?

Gel nails usually last about 6 months, but changing them every 2 months is advisable to take care of the natural nail. Also, as we have previously mentioned, they require filling every 15 days.

8. How is it different from porcelain nails?

The surface of the porcelain nail is harder than the gel; therefore, if you opt for the gel manicure, it will be easier to work on them.

9. Do they damage natural nails?

This factor depends on the products that you are going to use. If they are of quality and the nail does not have to be polished too much, there will be no damage to the natural nail.

10. Can they be harmful to health?

The products must be free of chemical components so as not to damage the natural nail and thus avoid any risk to our health.

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