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Best Tricks to Choose the Best Nail Color for Your Feet

Choosing the Best Tricks to Choose the Best Nail Color for Your Feet can become a real ritual that you do not want to give up at any time of the year, but mainly in summer when your feet have the chance to shine more than ever.

However, if you still do not know how to paint your toenails so that they give a fun and sophisticated touch to your look, you can not stop reading the tips that we bring you! And it is that with a few simple tricks, you will get to enhance the beauty of your feet so that – never better said – you look perfect from head to toe.

For this reason, more and more women dare with original decorations that do not leave anyone indifferent, and that gives them an air of elegance that can be accessed with minimal effort and a great creative spirit.

flattering nail color

What way to choose the most flattering nail color for your feet?

Different shades can be tremendously flattering, and thanks to which, you will obtain an unequaled effect of beauty in keeping with the perfect outfit. It is known for all that to achieve an exceptional result, your feet’ appearance must be combined with the outfit and other accessories you choose for the occasion.

Let’s see how the tips on the nail color for your feet can best fit you, don’t miss them!

Tricks to choose the best nail color for your feet

Choose the Nail Polish that best suits you

It may seem quite obvious, but the truth is that some women do not know how to recognize the tones that favor them the most based on their skin tone. For this reason, pay attention to this list of colors:

  • Decorate your feet with soft and light tones if you have pale skin. Pastel colors like pink, peach, or sky blue are ideal but remember, no flashy colors!
  • For light skin, there are specific colors such as pink, some purple or raspberry tones that can feel great.
  • You can use almost any shade to decorate leathers that are not very light but also not tan, although bright colors such as yellow, red, or orange may be the most suitable.
  • Finally, if your skin is very tanned, opt for earth tones, pink, or even coral; you will look great without any doubt!

Nail Polish

Think about the outfit you’re going to wear

In addition to your skin tone, you should consider how to combine your clothing with your toenails’ color. It is the key to get the final look is to go to the game. However, this does not necessarily mean choosing the same color as your dress for your nails, but playing with the shades to create the most harmonious or elegant combination that you can think of. Do you want to learn how to combine enamels with your clothes? Click on the link and get a perfect look!

If you want a striking result, you can make a fascinating contrast and enamel blend. So if you choose to decorate with unique shades, you should not abuse certain accessories such as bags or hats too showy to avoid having a strident look.

Combine nail and lip color

Not only is it enough to combine the shades of clothing and nails, but it is also essential to paint your lips the same color as your feet so that you look balanced and sophisticated at the same time; it never fails!

Combine nail and lip color

Remember the effects that different shades can have on your skin

  • The neutral glazes make your feet look darker and therefore are much nicer.
  • The light colors make your nails look longer while the c dark smells get exactly the opposite result. So keep that in mind to choose the most suitable enamel in each case.

Trends on toenail designs

  • Using a single color for your feet never goes out of style and is the option chosen by women who want to bet on a simple solution that always gives a distinctive air.
  • The use of stickers as a decoration resource is one of the trends that has received the best creative designs. It is effortless to use, and you can do without the stickers when you get tired of a particular design.
  • The Nail patterned is another trend that is hitting hard this 2019. It is about decorating your nails using a neutral base polish and then a different color to draw original shapes or patterns.
  • The colorful designs are fun to show off, especially in summer. But be careful with the combinations you select!

Showing off beautiful toenails is only up to you, and you will make a difference wherever you go! Do you want beautiful and manicured feet? Check the Toe Nail Care category at Nail Care Zone!

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