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Do you have thick toenails that seem impossible to file down? If so, you’re not alone. Thick nails can be a problem for people of all ages and genders. You may currently be using an emery board or metal nail file but these tools are likely too harsh on your nails. They may also cause pain in the form of friction as they wear away at your skin. This post is going to review some best Electric Nail File For Thick Toenails and give readers a buying guide on how to find the best one for them!

For many women, the best way to get a beautiful pedicure is by visiting a salon or spa. But for those who are looking for an at-home solution that requires little time and effort, an electric nail file may be just what you need. This article reviews and compares some of the top products on the market so you can find one that’s right for your needs.

Top 10 Best Electric Nail File For Thick Toenails Review

Do you find that your toenails are thick and hard to keep looking nice? It can be difficult for people with this problem, but there is a solution. A great way of removing the dead skin from underneath those nails will help them look better overall. Electric nail files have become fairly popular because they give an easy option without having to scrub away at tough-to-remove calluses yourself as many do. This type of file has bristles on one side that spin around in order to buff off any rough spots on top or below the surface quickly and effectively while protecting surrounding tissues as well!

1. Beurer 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

Beurer MP62

Top Features

➤ 24-piece attachments.
➤ 10 sanding bands.
➤ 2,000 – 5,600 RPM.
➤ Integrated LED light.
➤ 18-speed settings

The Beurer 24-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit is designed for a professional manicure and pedicurist. The 10 stainless steel attachments are gentle on nails while the integrated led light ensures that you can see what you’re doing in any condition, whether it be day or night.

Including 10 sanding bands to file down those rough edges after cutting with nail clippers, this set also includes everything else needed: a dust protector so your work doesn’t get messed up by pesky particles; customer service that will answer any questions within 48 hours of receipt of purchase; plus more!

A premium carrying case with built-in storage makes this set portable enough so that no matter what adventure awaits you outside these four walls (or ten fingers), there won’t be anything left behind but glossy perfection!


  • It works for cuticle removal.
  • Portable and Easy to Carry.
  • Very easy and comfortable to use.
  • Attachments are easily interchangeable.


  • It is a little bit hard to use on yourself.
  • The bits that come with it are not good for acrylic work.

2. TOUCHBeauty 6in1 Electric Nail File

TOUCHBeauty 6in1

Top Features

➤ 6-piece attachments.
➤ 12,000 RPM motor.
➤ Type-C USB charging.
➤ left/right rotation.
➤ Magnetic storage case.

The TOUCHBeauty 6-in-1 Electric Nail File for Thick Toenails is the perfect solution for thick, tough nails. This product is a 6-piece interchangeable attachments electric nail file for thick toenails. It has 8 adjustable speeds and left/right rotation.

This is the perfect tool for all your nail care needs. It features a 12,000 RPM motor that can help you file your nails to perfection. The TOUCHBeauty 6in1 Electric Nail File for Thick Toenails is a professional grade electric nail file for thick toenails. It’s a cordless and rechargeable electric nail file with a magnetic storage case.

TOUCHBeauty 6in1 Electric Nail File is Type-C USB charging and rechargeable. The 6in1 Electric Nail File is perfect for thick toenails.


  • A good gift for a young teenager.
  • Best Affordable Nail Kit.
  • Easy to use and is rechargeable.
  • Very Lightweight.


  • Not strong enough for my hard, dry. cuticles.
  • It does not file toenails very well.

3. Beurer 14-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit

Beurer 14-piece

Top Features

➤ 10-piece attachments.
➤ No sanding bands.
➤ 3200 – 4400 RPM.
➤ Integrated LED light.
➤ 3 Speed Settings.

The Beurer 14-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Kit has everything you need to care for your nails. This professional nail file set includes 10 attachments and 3 different speed settings so you can customize the solution that best suits what type of condition or level of difficulty there is with your nails. The kit also comes in a convenient storage case, features dual rotation which makes drilling easier on both feet/hands.

The Cordless Electric Nail File Set also comes with an integrated led light which ensures any user can see what they’re doing no matter the lighting conditions. It’s perfect for those hard-to-reach areas! This set of nail care tools is a great solution for those who are looking to keep their nails in tip-top shape.


  • It is easy to use for beginners.
  • You can use it for removing the cuticle.
  • It is possible to change speed.
  • Perfect for footwork.


  • It is uncomfortably high-pitched and loud.
  • The bits are not good for acrylic work that come with it.

4. SEEKONE Electric Manicure and Pedicure Set

SEEKONE Electric

Top Features

➤ 7-piece attachments.
➤ 10 sanding bands.
➤ 2,800 – 5,300 RPM.
➤ Integrated LED light.
➤ 5-speed settings.

The SEEKONE Electric Manicure and Pedi-manicure set is a desirable product for all the ladies out there who want to take care of their nails. It comes with 7 different attachments that include high quality. Multiple adjustable speeds for each attachment, dual rotation design. The integrated led light helps you get your fingers just right so they’re not too dark or washed out from plain white lights– it’s always nice when products think about how we use them! I’m also really impressed by its dual rotation design which makes filing easier on my hands without having to worry about getting tired during manicures because this device does.

The package includes 7 high-quality attachments, an adapter, sanding bands, a dust shield, a storage case, and an instruction manual to make sure you have the best manicure experience possible! Friendly customer services to answer any questions or concerns that arise during your use of this product will be provided by SEEKONE’s friendly staff members who want nothing more than happy customers all around- after all, it is their reputation on the line too when they sell products at such affordable prices as well as ensuring satisfaction from every clientele interaction no matter what stage in life we’re currently experiencing right now!


  • Good for heavy-duty and removing artificial nails.
  • It does not make more noise.
  • It has a nice back to keep the most commonly used tools.
  • Not so heavy and powerful to do its job.


  • The cord Is not So long.

5. BEAUTURAL Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit

BEAUTURAL Professional nail file

Top Features

➤ 10-piece attachments.
➤ 20 sanding bands.
➤ 2,000 to 4,600 RPM.
➤ Integrated LED light.
➤ 15 speed settings

The BEAUTURAL professional manicure set has 10-piece attachments which include 20 sanding bands, making sure every last nail is pampered with this state-of-the-art kit. Features include a 2,000 to 4,600 RPM powerful drill that will bring your nails back from any rough shape they’ve been in for years (even if it’s gel).

The LED light feature highlights each part you’re working on so you can see what needs tending without guesswork or risking damage due to less than perfect visibility while also achieving precise care thanks to its ergonomic design which makes operating easy as pie! With an ergonomic design, this tool is easy to hold and operate in any environment; perfect for at-home Pedi time!


  • Easy to use and fits nicely in hand.
  • It comes with a bag including all of the required tools.
  • It can be a nice gift.
  • Very easy to get the left gel nails off.


  • The instruction manual could be better.
  • The cord is relatively short.

6. Pure Enrichment PureNails Express Cordless Manicure and Pedicure System

Pure Enrichment PureNails

Top Features

➤ 7-piece attachments.
➤ AC adapter powers.
➤ 3200 – 4400 RPM.
➤ LED Grooming Light.
➤ 2 Speed control option.

The PureNails Express Cordless Manicure and Pedicure System is the innovation you’ve been waiting for. It not only offers cordless usage but also includes 5 interchangeable attachments that can be used to both shape nails or buff them for a salon-quality shine. With 2 AA batteries included in this kit, all of your manicuring needs are covered!

The PureNails Express Cordless Manicure and Pedicure System are a must-have for travelers, people with limited mobility or space in their homes. The cordless design allows the user to polish nails anywhere they go! It’s powered by 2 AA batteries that provide up to 30 minutes of continuous use time per charge and includes 5 interchangeable attachments – a sapphire shaping disc, sapphire cone, thick filing cone, thin filing cone & felt cones for buffing nails to shine.


  • No batteries are required to function.
  • It works like a salon at home.
  • A beginner can use it easily.
  • It works great on fungus nails.


  • 2 AA batteries are not included.
  • The battery doesn’t seem to last very long.
  • The drill is not as strong as expected.

7. Fancii Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Nail File Set

Fancii Professional

Top Features

➤ 5-piece attachments.
➤ Powered by 2 AAA batteries.
➤ RPM Not Available.
➤ No LED light.
➤ Speed control option.

The Fancii Professional Electric Manicure Kit is a great way to save time and money. The kit comes with 5 interchangeable heads for easy filing, buffing, shining, and shaping of nails just like at the salon! This cordless design can be used indoors or out-of-doors as it does not require any cords.

With 2 AAA batteries (not included), this nail file set makes manicures quick yet thorough enough that they last weeks after application without chipping away in frustration. Whether you’re doing your own work on natural fingernails or working with acrylics inside/outside our workplace – we all have one thing in common: no more annoying waving around hand movements trying to dry polish before wiping off excess residue!

With 5 interchangeable heads, you can effortlessly file your nails just like at the salon or do some filing in private! The cordless design ensures easy operation for use on natural nails and acrylics alike with an ergonomic shape to ensure comfort during those long days of nail care. The new motor is powerful yet quiet so be prepared to get compliments left right-center field when people notice that they are looking fabulous from head-to-toe thanks to this fantastic kit!


  • This is lightweight and easy to hold.
  • It does not hurt fingernails.
  • Good quality for the price.
  • Very comfortable to use.


  • Additional Batteries you need to buy.
  • No way to adjust the speed for thinner nails.

8. TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File 5in1

TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File

Top Features

➤ 5-piece attachments.
➤ Powered by 2 AAA batteries.
➤ RPM Not Available.
➤ Speed control option.

Do you have to do your own manicure at home? With so many gadgets on the market, it’s hard for nail enthusiasts to keep up. No worries! The TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File will take care of all those nails and toes in a flash with its 5 attachments that effortlessly remove excess cuticles, smooth corns, and calluses; drill into fingernails, or polish toenails – either way this cordless electric file is an essential item for any woman who likes their hands and feet pretty (and doesn’t want hours upon hours going by before seeing them).

No longer do you need to go to a salon just for your nails. The TOUCHBeauty Electric Nail File is cordless and comes with attachments that can effectively remove excess cuticles, smooth corns and calluses, drill or buff the nail surface in different ways depending on what type of shine is desired (shiny vs matte), polish fingernails as well as toe-nails if using an attachment designed specifically for this purpose. With 4 speed settings, there are no worries about not achieving the perfect manicure every time! And it’s lightweight so we won’t get tired of holding our hands up at all times while filing away those rough edges around delicate fingers and toes.


  • Capable to remove acrylic or dip powder nails.
  • It can save some time and money.
  • Very easy to change the heads.
  • This is lightweight.


  • You need to buy batteries. 
  • Battery Power is not so long.
  • It’s not bad but it looks cheap.

9. Care Me Electric Nail File

Care Me Electric Nail File

Top Features

➤ 7-piece attachments.
➤ Plugged-in to work.
➤ Max RPM=20,000 turns/min.
➤ LED Light.
➤ 5 Speed control option.

The Care Me Electric Nail File comes with a powerful motor that is capable of 20,000 turns per minute. It also includes advanced safety and smart features to keep you safe while giving yourself the perfect manicure or pedicure at home! This device removes calluses on your feet and hard skin as well!

Remove calluses and hard skin with the Care Me Electric Nail File! An electric nail file is a powerful tool that features an adjustable 5 speeds. It has 7 interchangeable attachments to get every angle of your feet, from toes to heels. Whether you need it for manicure or pedicure purposes, this one-stop-shop will have everything in store for you!


  • It gives me a professional result.
  • It is lightweight and perfect for filing.
  • The cord is long enough as required.
  • This machine does not get very hot.


  • Not Rechargeable.
  • You do not have the option of buying different bits.

10. Pure Enrichment Nail Drill Reviews

Pure Enrichment PureNails

Top Features

➤ 5-piece attachments.
➤ Powered by 2 AA batteries.
➤ 3200 – 4400 RPM.
➤ No LED light.
➤ Speed control option.

PENAILSET Pure Enrichment Nail Drill is the only tool you’ll ever need to achieve a precision manicure and pedicure. The built-in LED light allows for perfect, professional results at home! Wheels on this nail drill spin 360 degrees easily removing corns and calluses effortlessly while never needing battery power. 7 interchangeable attachments give you the ultimate versatility in shaping your nails precisely how want them: filing, buffing, or smoothing – it’s all just one click away with PENAILSET Pure Enrichment Nail Drill!

Perfect for smoothing corns and calluses, removing excess cuticles, and filing nails at home with the built-in LED light to achieve a precision manicure. Never need to buy batteries again because this will never run out of power on its own accord – it is 100% battery-free!


  • Able to cut the thicker toenails with a heavy-duty clipper.
  • No batteries are required to function.
  • It is very so easy to use.
  • It works great for cleaning up under the nail.


  • The instructions are not clear enough for beginners.

Factors to Consider When Buying

If you are having difficulty finding the best electric nail file for thick toenails, then this blog post is for you. Nail files come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Whether you need an electric nail file or just a regular one, I will give you some tips on what to look out for when buying one so that it lasts as long as possible and lives up to expectations.


There are many factors to consider before buying an electric nail file for thick nails. First of all, we need to know the price of the product and what type will work best on our specific foot problem.

Power Sources

Electric nail files are perfect for those who suffer from thick, hard toenails. With so many power sources available on the market today finding one that will work with your needs can be difficult and time-consuming.

The most important factor buyers should consider when purchasing an electric file is what type of battery it uses as each has its own advantages and disadvantages but ultimately a choice must be made based on personal preference or availability at the store you’re shopping in.

Product Reviews

The best way to find the perfect electric nail file for thick nails is by reading product reviews. Reviews on a variety of sites like Amazon and Walmart will give you an idea of what each device can offer.


Before you buy an electric nail file, consider your purpose. If you struggle to trim thick nails then a cordless model may be for you but if all of the other files out there are too weak and break easily then maybe it’s worth investing in something stronger that will last longer.

Before buying any type of nail file, think about what kind is best suited for your needs! For those who have thick nails or need more power than normal models can provide; this thicker shape has grooves on each side which make removal even easier without damaging surrounding skin while also ensuring precision when filing edges down – so before deciding between manual with two different sides or electric depending on budget etc., just know that whichever one suits your personal style better could end up.


Nail files are a great way to keep those pesky toenails in shape. But do you know what the Speed of your nail file is? If not, it’s time to find out so that you can buy with confidence and get on with life!

Electric nail files have become increasingly popular as they allow for quick trimming without having any need for cutting tools or sharp objects such as scissors. However when shopping around be sure to take note of whether or not this Electric Nail File has an adjustable speed setting because different people prefer using electric nail Files at Different speeds depending on how thick their feet’ nails are.

No of attachments

For thick toenails, it is important that the electric nail file you are buying has a variety of attachments. The more options there are for your nails, the better! Without this additional information, we can’t be sure if what we’re purchasing will work efficiently or not.

Before buying an electric nail file with too many different attached tools for our needs might end up being expensive and ineffective in general since most people only use one specific tool anyways.


When you’re looking to buy an electric nail file for thick, rough nails, it’s important that you look out what types are included with the package. You want one with a battery light indicator so if anything gets stuck in your device or cord then this will let you know!


If you’re looking for a nail file to deal with thick, stubborn nails that break the skin and won’t cooperate when using standard files or buffers, then before making your purchase be sure to find out how long of a warranty it comes with.

It’s always wise to make sure any expensive product is protected by at least some type of guarantee in case something goes wrong after purchasing, but certain factors will need more research than others if you want them guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Your nails are thick toenails. How do you maintain them? With the right tools and products, of course! We’ve put together a list of questions that may be on your mind about finding an electric nail file for thick toenails:

Is it OK to file down thick toenails?

Thick toenails can be uncomfortable and are unattractive. Is it possible for you to file them down?

Filing your thick nails gives a much more attractive look, but is not necessary if they aren’t bothering you too much.

Can I use a Dremel on thick toenails?

The Dremel is a useful tool for shaping toes, clearing out thick toenails and nails. And if you’re someone who likes polish but hates the way it chips off your nail beds or drips down onto floors.

How can I make my toenails less thick?

Sometimes our nails grow too quickly and they become hard. It may be difficult for them to bend while we walk, causing pain in the toes. We should use a nail file on these stubborn ones so that you don’t have callouses developing or your feet ache from having all of those thicker ones squish against other toes when walking.

Why do old people’s toenails get thick?

Can you believe it, old people? They grow out their toenails and nobody thinks anything of it. Seems like they’ve just reached a point where they don’t care how long or thick the nails are on their feet anymore–they’re so forgetful themselves! I mean seriously, what’s next for them after that is hair down there?!

What is a natural remedy for thick toenails?

Might I suggest a natural remedy for thick toenails? Try adding just one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into eight ounces of filtered water. Soak the toes in this solution twice daily until they are less troublesome. If desired, add some lemon juice or honey as an added bonus!

How do you cut thick toenails with fungus?

This question is a top priority! Have any of your nails ever been infected by fungi, and if so, how did they get that way in the first place? If not then this article may be helpful for future reference. In general, people can contract it from various sources such as contact with other sufferers or even pets who might have had a fungal infection passed on to them themselves. There are options available including prescription medication which will help clear up an issue but prevent further spreading also topical treatments and home remedies like using vinegar-soaked cotton balls placed at the base of the nail bed overnight before removing in order to kill off most bacteria present while promoting healthy growth back into balance again afterward too.


The best electric nail file for thick toenails reviews and buying guide will help you find the perfect product that fits your needs. When it comes down to choosing a new tool for your home or salon, we recommend not going with just any old thing from Amazon. We’ve done all of the research so you don’t have to! Our goal is simply to provide quality information about products before they hit store shelves. If this sounds like what you need then read on! Here are our ten top picks for electric nail files. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you today!

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