Feet Cleaning Tips Before Sleeping You Should Know About

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Cleaning your feet before sleeping is beneficial. It improved blood circulation and many other things. Find out more in this article that we share now about Feet Cleaning Tips Before Sleeping. It important part of personal hygiene. We all know that the cleaning routine is very important and affects various aspects of our lives, including well-being.

But in addition to that, cleaning your feet before going to bed can have other benefits. We tell you why you should do it and how it affects your existence.

Feet Cleaning Tips Before Sleeping

It is evident that personal hygiene is a fundamental element in our daily life. This must be so, both to maintain good levels of health and to find ourselves well.

Within personal hygiene, there are many aspects that we must take care of. There is, for example, hand washing, essential to stop the transmission and spread of germs. Oral and intimate hygiene is also important.

But what we now focus on is foot washing, especially at a specific time, which is before we go to bed. Especially in the summer, washing your feet becomes more relevant.

This is because we spend more time barefoot, either at home or on the beaches. On the other hand, when we are not barefoot, the feet sweat with the footwear from the heat. And humidity becomes a decisive factor in the proliferation of pedic germs.

Summer is also the time when we usually visit swimming pools and public baths, with the risk of being approached by fungi present on wet floors.

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Clean your feet: temperature regulating tool

One of the main reasons why it is recommended to wash your feet before going to bed is for its regulating function of body temperature. Thus, in hotter summer times, it can be a very effective ally.

Many times, the heat makes it difficult for us to sleep. We may have trouble falling asleep, or we may go into light sleepiness from which we often wake up from high temperatures.

The feet, then, function as heat regulators. Many times in winter, when we notice cold feet, this sensation spreads throughout the body, being difficult to alleviate. It is the same with heat.

When we wash our feet with cold or lukewarm water, they cool down and are a good way to lower your body temperature gradually. Thus, if we create the habit of cleaning our feet before going to bed, in addition to improving our hygiene, we will be ensuring a cooler and less stressful sleep.

How to wash your feet before going to bed

To do this, it is not necessary that we have to completely enter the shower. Some options are, for example, washing them sitting on the edge of the bath or bidet.

It is recommended to let the freshwater run for a few minutes on your feet. If we do not have a bathtub, it is also possible to do it in a basin, with cold water. Finally, if you do not have any of these options, we can also dip towels in freshwater and apply them for a few minutes on the extremities.

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This foot cleaning doesn’t have to be just that. We can take advantage of these moments before going to bed to create a relaxing routine. It is possible to apply a gel or moisturizer with a smell that we like.

The benefits of cleaning your feet

The benefits we have listed are more than enough to incorporate the routine. Going to sleep with less heat sensation and more relaxed, especially in summer, is something that comforts us.

On the other hand, cold baths can also have benefits for people with leg circulation problems, or who have tired ankles. The cold water will constrict the blood vessels, preventing blood from accumulating in these areas, with the consequent relief from tiredness and swelling.

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