What Is The Difference Between Emery Board And Nail File?

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Nail files and emery boards are both used to shorten the length of your nails, but there is a distinction between them. A nail file typically has a grain that is made up of small squares while an emery board typically has a grain that is made up of circles. The difference in shape and texture can be attributed to the different ways they are manufactured.

Nail files are used for fingernails while emery boards are used on the toes. It is important to note that emery boards should not be used on fingernails, as they will scratch them and cause discomfort.

What Is An Emery Board?

An emery board is a small, rectangular piece of sandpaper similar to the ones used in nail salons. They are typically white or pink and are usually found in long sheets. Using an emery board eliminates the need for other tools like nail files, which can sometimes leave scratches on your nails. The sandpaper leaves no marks at all, but it does take off some of the excess polish.

A lot of women have no idea what an emery board is. This can be partly attributed to the fact that many people are unfamiliar with the name, but it is mainly due to the low profile this tool has in modern beauty routines. However, there are a few key reasons why you should consider incorporating an emery board into your daily routine. The first reason is that it’s perfect for cutting cuticles or hangnails on your fingertips.

Emery boards are also known as nail files. They are used to buff, shape, and smooth nails to remove ridges or file them down. Emery boards can be made of metal, plastic, or sandpaper though the most common emery board is made of metal with a fabric-covered pad on one side. The pad is often coated with nail polish remover like acetone to maintain its softness and prevent it from scratching the surface of the nail.

Why We Need Emery Board?

  • Locking your nails look great.
  • Keep your cuticles looking good.
  • Slipping your nails off easily.
  • Fixing broken nails.
  • Catching stray nail pieces.
  • Polishing your nails.
  • A great way to keep nails looking tidy.
  • The best way to get rid of pesky hangnails.
  • A popular tool for manicures.

What Is A Nail File?

Nail files are made from metal or plastic and used to remove excess nail polish or smooth out the edges of newly manicured nails. It is important to use a file with a medium coarseness to get rid of ridges on the nail. It is also important not to file the nail too much, which can lead to it weakening and becoming brittle.

A nail file is a tool used for shaping and smoothing nails. It can be found in any drug store, pharmacy, or online retailer. A nail file can help make your nails look healthier and give them a natural shine. The shape of the nail file depends on what type of nails one wants to achieve.

Why We Need Nail File?

  • Nail Files Are Handy for Small Tools.
  • Nail Files Keep Your Nails Clean.
  • Nail Files Help Prevent Fungal Infections.
  • Nail Files Are Great for Self-Care.
  • Nail Files Make Manicures Easier.
  • Nail files are safe.
  • You can use nail files to buff the cuticles.
  • Use nail file when they’re in a hurry.
  • Nail files are perfect for preening.


In conclusion, a nail file is a more coarse version of an emery board. They are both used to buff and shape nails on the hands, feet, and toes. However, the ultimate deciding factor between these two products is that nail files can also be used to buff surfaces such as glass or metal. In contrast, emery boards are only used for nails and not any other surface area.

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