How To Fix Slow Electric Nail file

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The use of electric nail files has become a popular and efficient way to smoothly shape and trim manicures. An electric nail file is a buffing machine, which is used for filing the rough edge of the nails quickly and without any effort. The tremendous growth in the popularity of electric nail files has also led to an increase in people experiencing problems with such devices such as the one we are going to describe how to fix slow electric nail file.

Electric nail files are known to be slower than manual ones. The process of filing nails can be long and frustrating. The time it takes for an electric nail file to work depends on the strength of the file itself, the number of steps taken, and how your skin is shaped.

How To Fix Slow Electric Nail file

Nail files are made for filing down nails to make them smoother. When they become worn out, they need to be replaced. A new file can be purchased or you can use a nail file alternative that will give you the same results. It is important to be diligent in keeping nails filed and shaped regularly. In this article, we will go over tips to fix a slow electric nail file.

Clean the nail file of debris

An electric nail file, such as a buffer or grinder, is an important tool for manicures and pedicures. It is essential to clean the nail file properly after every use. One of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning their tools is not removing all of the debris from the nail file. This creates a mess with dust and flakes that contaminate any product that touches it next.

Nail files are a great tool when it comes to buffing away the top layer of nail polish and getting that high gloss shine. However, they can sometimes become clogged with debris and dust because of their shape and design. This is an easy fix, however, by simply giving your file a good cleaning. The process of cleaning your nail file is very simple. First, use some soap or alcohol to clean off the debris on the surface of the file.

Give it a healthy dose of silicone oil

Electric nail files are an amazing invention, but they can also be a hazard if not properly maintained. When these gadgets start to slow, it’s time to take them apart and give them a healthy dose of silicone oil. This will bring back the speed that they once had when they were new.

It’s hard to maintain your electric nail file without having to replace it with another type of nail file.

Replace the file with a new one

Nail files can be tedious and time-consuming to use, but they provide a wonderful way to keep your nails looking their best. However, sometimes nail files can slow down and become ineffective. This can happen for many reasons such as becoming contaminated during use or just not being the right size.

By replacing your old nail file with a new one you will fix the problem and make it easier and more comfortable to do your nails.

Electric nail files are designed to be used for a period of time and then replaced. The file will get worn down and will begin to damage the nail so it is crucial to replace the file periodically. It is important to maintain the sharpness of the file, especially if you work with it often, or else it will take longer for the results you want.

Clean the blades on the electric nail file

One way to fix a slow electric nail file is to clean the blades on the electric nail file. In order to do so, you need to take a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Once you have done this, all you need to do is swipe the cotton swab over the blade of the nail file until all of the dirt has been removed. It is important that you make sure that you remove all dirt because otherwise, it will wear away at your nails.

The nail file may be working too hard to produce the desired results. This is because it has accumulated so much dirt, debris, and other build-up material in the blades. Without properly cleaning the blades of an electric nail file natural nails, the process of filing down your nails becomes more difficult. Furthermore, you are at a higher risk of breaking or chipping your nails because the electric nail file will not be able to smoothly maneuver over the surface area.

Put it in a dry place

To fix a slow electric nail file, people should put it in a dry place. A humid environment can make the motor slow down, which can decrease the life of the product. Making sure it is not touching the water will ensure that the nails are filed smoothly.

Use your nail file every day

It’s important to take care of all parts of your body, including your nails. Improper nail care can lead to smelly nails and potentially embarrassing social situations. One trick to keep your nails looking their best is to use an electric nail file every day. Not only does this help shape the nail, but it also gives it a nice shine.

It’s been a while since you’ve used your electric nail file. The battery is dying, and it takes forever to file your nails because the motor speed is so slow. The solution to this problem is simple – use your nail file every day! By doing this, your nails will grow out more quickly and that will give the motor more time to charge up.


In conclusion, there are a number of techniques that can help fix your low electric nail file. One of the most recommended is to replace the battery and change the setting on the device. It is also important to ensure that you do not lay it on its side or upside down. Other recommendations include: removing excess dust and hair, cleaning the head and filing surfaces, and replacing old files with new ones as needed.

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