How to do your caviar manicure step by step?

How to do your caviar manicure

Perhaps you have already heard of one of the manicures that have been creating more trend lately, in this case, we are talking about the caviar manicure. In this article, we are going to explain some simple tips to you so that you can do your caviar manicure step by step from home. Although it … Read more

6 Vitamins For Brittle Nails

vitamins for brittle nails

Nails is an area of ​​the body that is made up of various layers of a protein called keratin, which is responsible for keeping them strong and healthy. When our body does not receive enough keratin, the nails become weak and brittle. Brittle nails are those that do not seem very thick, have little resistance … Read more

How to take care of your feet?

How to take care of your feet

Our feet are put to the test every day because they are the ones who carry us. And unfortunately, we only give them little time for their beauty. Find out how to take care of your feet in a few simple gestures and rituals to integrate into your daily care routine. How to take care … Read more

Japanese manicure : What Is It and Step By Step Guide

Japanese manicure

One of the latest trends for nails is Japanese manicure. In Japan, the care of the hands and especially of the nails is essential, so that the so-called Japanese manicure has become fashionable, which consists of wearing clean and well-polished nails, but with a system that is specific for each person. Let’s see, then, a … Read more

Benefits Of Coconut Oil On Nails You Should Know

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Are your nails brittle and break easily with any rubbing? Do not worry! If you modify some care habits and hydrate and nourish them with the right products, you can once again have healthy, resistant, and long nails, ideal for showing off your favorite nail polishes at all times. In this sense, we want to … Read more

French Manicure Guide: Steps to Make Great Nails

French Manicure Guide

Do you like French manicure? We too! That is why you should be aware of everything: what is its price, what to do if it turns out that you have short nails and you are dying to show off your chicest nails, what steps you must follow to show off tremendous and divine nails, what … Read more

Russian manicure, french manicure or Japanese manicure?


Russian manicure, french manicure, or Japanese manicure? We’ve never heard of a manicure so much. The treatments and techniques that accompany this care are varied and range from simple filing to the most diverse masks and ointments. Over 4000 years ago, the ancients already stood out in the care of their nails. Bright, pigmented with … Read more

The Benefits Of Foot Massage Before Going To Bed

The benefits of foot massage

The feet play a significant role in our life. They are the ones that support our weight and allow us to move around. The different areas of the soles of the feet have a direct connection with the organs. We take care of it only too rarely, because it is a part of our body … Read more

Types of Manicure and How to Choose the Best for You

Types of Manicure

We all know that manicure is the care and grooming of hands and nails. Not everyone is so clear on how many types of manicures there are or what each one consists of. But do not worry, because we explain it to you in a summarized way. Types of Manicure The beauty of the hands … Read more

Foods To Strengthen Nails | Perfect Tips For Nail Lovers

foods to Strengthen nails

Just as it happens with our hair or skin, what we eat influences, notably the health of our nails. So the key to getting healthy nails is to take care of them while nourishing them with an indicated diet. Do not know where to start? Keep reading because, in this article, we reveal the foods … Read more