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Top 10 Best Nail Dryer Reviews in 2021 With Buying Guide

Nail dryers are the best solution to get your nails dried quickly without any smudging and chipping. They are available in many designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, so you can choose one according to your need. We have compiled a list of the 10 best nail dryer reviews with buying guide that will help you find the perfect product easily.

The article also contains a table containing all the important features of every single product mentioned in it. You can use this as a comparison before making your final decision about which one is going to be right for you! If you’re looking for a nail dryer that will work well with both hands or feet at once, we recommend MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp. Because it’s one of the most affordable options on our list. It also features an easy-to-use design and seven different drying settings so that everyone in your household can use it!

Comparison of Best Nail Dryer

Do you like to always have perfect nails? We are going to show you a list of the best nail dryers review so that you can always be perfect. Are you interested to know them? Keep reading about nail products.

S/LImageProductShort DescriptionPrice
1SUNX4 Led Nail DryerSUNX4 Led Nail Dryer➤ 54 W.
➤ Automatic Sensor.
➤ 30,60,90 Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ LCD Display.
➤ USB Power Source.
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2MINI LOP Nail LightMiroPure UV Nail Lamp➤ 48 W.
➤ Automatic infrared sensor.
➤ 10s, 30s, 60, 99 Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ Large LCD screen.
➤ Corded Electric Power Source.
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3SUNx5 Plus LED Nail LampBETE Pink Led Nail Lamp➤ 72 W.
➤ Smart Sensor
➤ 30s, 60, 99, 120 Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ Adjustable LED Screen.
➤ Rechargeable 15600mAH.
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4SUNX5 Led Nail DryerSUN5 UV LED Nail Dryer➤ 36 W.
➤ Auto Sensor.
➤ 10, 30, 60, 99, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ Large LCD screen
➤ Electric Power Source.
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5SUN9C Pink Nail LampSUN9C Pink Nail Lamp➤ 24 W.
➤ Automatic Sensor.
➤ 60, 99, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ No LCD Screen
➤ DC Power Source.
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6MINI LOP Nail LightMINI LOP Nail UV Light➤ 64 W.
➤ Automatic Sensor.
➤ 30, 45, 60, 90, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ LCD Display Screen.
➤ Rechargeable Battery Powered.
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7Mlfyho Nail Dryers Mlfyho Nail Dryers➤ 54 W.
➤ Automatic Infrared Sensor.
➤ 10, 30, 60, 99, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ LCD Display.
➤ DC Power Source.
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8SUNx5 Plus Nail LampSUNx5 Plus Nail Lamp➤ 72 W.
➤ Smart Sensor.
➤ 10, 30, 60, 99, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ Built-In Time Display.
➤ DC Power Source.
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9SUN4 Black Nail DryerSUN4 Black Nail Dryer➤ 48 W.
➤ Auto Sensor.
➤ 10, 30, 60, 99, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ Large LCD Display.
➤ DC Power Source.
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10AokitecAokitec Professional Nail Dryer➤ 78 W.
➤ Auto Sensor.
➤ 10, 30, 60, 99, Seconds Timer Setting.
➤ Large LCD Display.
➤ Power Adapter.
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SUNX4 Gel Polish Light Led Nail Dryer

The SUNX4 professional nail dryer is a must-have tool for any nail salon or at-home use. This UV LED Nail Lamp with 3 Timer Setting, Nail Polish Curing Gel LED Dryer, Professional Nail Art Tools with Automatic Sensor, LCD Display will help you save time and money while providing the best possible service to your clients.

This professional UV LED Nail Lamp 54W is a nail dryer for Gel Polish, UV Nail Light with 3 Timer Setting. It is designed to cure your gel polish in a short time and make your nails beautiful. It can be used at home or salon.

It has a sensor that turns the light off automatically when the hand under it moves away, so you don’t need to worry about burning yourself by touching the lamp directly without gloves.

SUNX4 Gel Polish Light Led Nail Dryer


MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp

MiroPure is a 48W smart nail lamp that consists of 33 highly durable LED beads. The smart nail dryer also features 4 timer settings and a removable magnetic reflective panel. This allows you to cure all types of gel nails in one place! No more having multiple lamps on your table or spending time searching for the right light! The smart nail lamp can be used for both fingernails and toenails curing.

The MiroPure Nail Lamp is the first machine with an automatic-sensing function, which turns on when your hands are in the machine, and automatically shuts off after you take your hands out of it. This product comes with a removable reflective panel that allows you to cure either nails or toenails.

MINI LOP 64W Rechargeable Pro LED Gel Nail UV Light


BETE Pink Cordless Led Nail Lamp

BETE Pink Cordless Led Nail Lamp is a 72W cordless led nail lamp with a wireless 15600mAH rechargeable battery. It is an all-in-one professional LED nail dryer. The most important thing is that this nail dryer can be used at home or in the salon.

This is a wireless rechargeable nail dryer. It’s portable and convenient to carry around. With its 72W high-power LED lamp, it can dry nails much faster than traditional UV lamps. And it will not damage your nails as UV lamps do.

The pink cordless led nail lamp has a 15600mAH battery capacity that can keep working for 4-5 hours continuously after full charging (4-5hrs). At the same time, it supports fast charging function that only needs 2 hours to fully charged.

SUNx5 Plus 72W UV LED Nail Lamp


SUN5 UV LED Nail Polish Dryer

SUN5 UV LED Nail Polish Dryer is a professional nail dryer for the salon. It is easy to use and will speed up your work. The nail polish dries more quickly under the UV lamp, which can make your nails look shiny and natural. It has 4 timers (10s/30s/60s/99s) to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about over-drying or burning the skin around your nails. This machine is also great for drying gel polishes!

This Dryer is the newest technology in gel polish curing. It uses a revolutionary new way to cure your nails in just seconds! The SUN5 UV LED Nail Dryer features an auto sensor that automatically detects when your nails are ready to be cured. This means you’ll never have to guess how long it takes for your nails to dry, and you won’t have to worry about burning or damaging them with heat or light.

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SUN5 UV LED Nail Polish Dryer


SUN9C Pink UV LED Nail Lamp

The SUN5 UV LED Nail Polish Dryer is the newest nail dryer on the market. It is a portable and easy-to-use nail dryer that can be used at home or when traveling. This device has one button design, the 30s/60s timer settings with an auto sensor which will automatically turn off after your nails are completely dried. The SUN5 UV LED Nail Polish Dryer comes with a big space to fit the whole hand and foot so you don’t have to worry about drying only your fingers or toes.

It is very safe for you and your skin. The one-button design makes it easy to use with no brand requirement. And this product comes with a 24W nail lamp, which is gentle on your skin and cure nails 2x faster than traditional lamps.

SUN9C Pink UV LED Nail Lamp


MINI LOP Rechargeable LED Gel Nail UV Light

MINI LOP Rechargeable LED Gel Nail UV Light is a cordless nail gel light that can dry all UV and LED nail gels at a fast speed. The large capacity lithium battery makes it portable to use anywhere. With 36pcs long-lasting UV LED light beads, it will not harm your eyes or skin during the process of drying nails. 4 timer modes are available for you to choose freely: 30s/45s/60s/90s. Two DC charger ports are provided for you to charge two devices.

You may get the best nail gel polish, but if you don’t have a good way to dry it, then your hard work will be wasted. When you use MINI LOP Rechargeable LED Gel Nail UV Light, all your problems are solved! This amazing device is cordless and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere!

MINI LOP 64W Rechargeable Pro LED Gel Nail UV Light


Mlfyho Nail Dryers for Gel and Regular Polish

The Mlfyho nail dryers are the best nail dryer in the world. It’s a professional LED lamp for hard gel and regular polish with smart painless builder/hard gel curing, infrared sensor, 4 timing modes optional (fast cure, normal cure, slow cure, and no cure), and tone of voice.

This nail dryer has 36 LED lamp beads that will be cured by this device at the same time. The light penetrates into your nails to help them get dried quickly. After curing, you can see that the color of your nails is much lighter than before.

Mlfyho Nail Dryers for Gel and Regular Polish


SUNx5 Plus 72W UV LED Nail Lamp

This is a professional manicure set that uses the latest technology to dry your nails. It’s a great tool for both professional and home use. You can cure gel nail polish in less than 30 seconds under this machine. It will save you plenty of time!

SUNx5 Plus 72W UV LED Nail Lamp is an innovative nail dryer that helps you achieve salon-quality nails at home. It can be used for both fingernails and toenails. The lamp has a powerful, 72W UV light source that dries nails in seconds without damaging the natural nail plate or causing yellowing.

It has 4 timer, sensors, handle. It can cure your gel nails (36 beads) at the same time. The light of this lamp is ultraviolet, so it can dry your nails quickly and safely without damaging the skin around them. You don’t need to worry about burning or hurting yourself when using this product. This lamp has a safety sensor switch that will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if you forget to turn it off manually.

SUNx5 Plus 72W UV LED Nail Lamp


SUN4 Black SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Dryer

The SUN4 nail dryer is a professional nail dryer designed for hand and foot care. It features an elegant design, which makes it ideal for home use as well as in the salon. The SUN4 can be used to cure all kinds of UV gel polishes, including gels from other manufacturers. This innovative device has been specially developed with 4 timer settings: 10s, 30s, 60s, and 99s. The curing time can be adjusted according to your personal preference.

Sun4 Black is the best quality nail dryer on the market, it is made of high-quality material with fine workmanship. It’s a perfect choice for professional salons and home use. Sun4 Black can cure gels in the 30s, save more time and energy than other brands.

Plenty of space to fit the whole hand and foot.Large LCD screen to show curing time, over-temperature detection, auto lower the temperature.

SUN4 Black SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Dryer


Aokitec 78W UV LED Professional Nail Dryer

Product Description in paragraph form: Aokitec’s 78W nail lamp is the latest innovation of nail dryers. It has a larger size than our previous models, and it can fit both hands or feet. With 99S low-heat mode for a pain-free manicure, you’ll get salon quality at home. This portable & lightweight nail light is ideal for home, salon, party, and travel use. It features 56pcs UV/LED lamp beads which are twice as fast as others to dry. It is a portable and lightweight nail lamp with a 99S low-heat mode for a pain-free manicure.

Aokitec 78W UV LED Professional Nail Dryer


What is a Nail Dryer?

It is an electrical device that helps us dry our nails when we have painted them with enamel, achieving a uniform and more lasting effect over time. It is a device that is not given much importance but its use guarantees a more professional finish.

Nail dryers are also known as nail lamps. They are usually small in size, easily transportable, and easy to use. In addition, they are used for all types of manicure work, whether they are permanent, semi-permanent, or gel nail polishes.

Types of Nail Dryers

The wide range of nail dryers includes drying machines for home use and there are also those for professional use, below you can find out which ones are on the market and thus be able to determine which one suits your requirements:

Portable Nail Dryer

You can move them anywhere you want, they generally work with alkaline batteries, they are the ideal complement to go on trips and still always look fabulous. They are light and compact, easy to use and store.

UV Lamps Nail Dryer

These models are salon quality to perform manicures, there are models that work with hot air and others with ultraviolet rays, in any case, both types are ideal for drying the nails with drying option. They come in different power levels according to the requirement for which they are going to be used. They come single or with multiple bulbs.

LED Dryers

Its use is versatile, either at home or in the beauty salon they can be used, it can be said that it is a high-end product and therefore it is extremely expensive but equally efficient, they also have a plus that they do not have LED bulbs they pollute the environment.

How does a nail dryer work?

A nail dryer is a device whose function is to provide a perfect finish to gel manicures – both hands and feet – in just a few minutes. Expose them to an LED light or UV led nail lamp.

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These gadgets work with ultraviolet or LED light, so that they quickly and safely harden the manicure of the nails, guaranteeing a perfect finish and very quickly.

The LED lights are completely respectful with the skin and the eyes and, in addition, they are compatible with any type of nail gels, since they have a light spectrum that covers practically any type of polish and technique.

Nail dryers have a great advantage in that they dry the nails very quickly – the time depends on each brand of nail polish and model – but, in any case, most of them do not exceed 120 seconds of exposure of the nails to LED lights / UV led nail lamp

In addition, many of these devices already have a built-in motion auto sensor that automatically detects when we insert a foot or hand into one of these devices to dry the nails. In this way, if overheat mode is detected or the process has to be interrupted, it can be done without any problem. After the seconds required to dry the nails, the nail dryer turns off automatically. It’s fantastic!

Do nail dryers work with traditional polishes?

Nail dryers have been specially designed to be used with special gel polishes. If you want to dry your nails with traditional polishes, you can do it, but you will not be sure of obtaining the same results. What’s more, many manufacturers do not recommend it.

Also, having a different composition, the times will not be the same either. At all times you will have to be aware of your nails to see if they have dried. Personally, if I give myself traditional polish, I prefer to leave my nails in the air and enjoy natural drying.

Benefits of using a Nail Dryer

  • Drying the nail polish or gel in less time is the main benefit of using a nail dryer.
  • You can guarantee that your nails have a better finish.
  • If you dedicate yourself to this type of work, you can save time and thus serve more clients.
  • With the nail dryer, you minimize the possibility of your nails getting damaged.

How to Use Nail Dyer?

Drying nail lamps, either ultraviolet rays or LED lamps, are used to cure the enamel and acrylic adhesives or the gel that is used to make nail systems, with the proper use of these devices the contraction of the acrylic is minimized as well. as of the adhesives avoiding in this way the damages to the nails.

These dryers considerably increase the drying speed and reduce the waiting time by preventing the paint from smearing or the different decorative techniques used, to use these devices a series of steps must be carried out in order to achieve the appropriate results.

Instructions for use of nail dryers:

  1. To turn on the nail dryer lamp, if it is ultraviolet, you must wait for it to heat mode up and if on the contrary it is LED lights, it is not necessary to carry out any additional steps, just turning it on is enough.
  2. Apply the polish, acrylic, or gel in thin layers on each nail.
  3. Place the nails under the bulb of the lamp for a time that oscillates between two and three minutes, depending on the model of the lamp you can include four or ten fingers at the same time.
  4. Remove the fingers from the lamp after the indicated time and apply a second coat of enamel, acrylic, or gel. Check not to exceed the indicated time to avoid discomfort due to overexposure, in case your dryer model does not have a timer settings or motion sensor that deactivates the lamp when it detects that you no longer have your hands inserted.
  5. Place the nails again under the lamp for two or three more minutes to proceed to apply the third layer of product.

Advantages of Dryers with Led lamps

  • With the new generation of nail lamps, it is possible to obtain drying in less time and thus dry the nails quickly and safely. In the same way, it can be said that they are friendly with the environment since they require little power which represents energy savings and avoids unnecessary spending on the electricity bill.
  • Generally, with these machines, the drying time is shorter and it will depend on the machine used and the material used in the manufacture of the nails.
  • There are models that work with AAA batteries so they are more comfortable to move and work with them since you do not need to be connected to an electricity source to use it.
  • Its led bulbs have a useful life of 3000 to 5000 hours of use, which is quite a long time, this means that you do not need to change the bulb as often, thus promoting money savings.

Tips when buying the best nail dryer

  • Before buying a certain model of nail dryers, you must make sure of the type of nails that you are going to make, that is, the material that you are going to use to guarantee that what you use will really be of benefit to you.
  • Once you have chosen the model, we recommend you buy it in your trusted online store where you can get the best price-quality ratio, to that we add that it is more convenient to buy online since in a few steps you can be close to getting what you dream of directly at the door of your house or office.
  • Finally, if you want to buy a nail dryer at a good price, it is best to make the purchase online. Through this medium, you can find the best models on the market and you can have the best prices. We must add the convenience of buying online since they will take the product home without having to leave home at all.

Where can I buy a nail dryer online?

You can buy a nail dryer on any online sales platform such as Amazon websites specialized in health and beauty. In addition, you can find them in physical stores specialized in aesthetics, hairdressing, and drugstores.

With all this information, you can now choose the nail dryers model that best matches your needs. You have our selection at a single click: it will surely not disappoint you.

Which Is The Best Nail Dryer between a UV or LED dryer?

There are many trade-offs between choosing an ultraviolet or LED drying lamp, this task of deciding on one or the other must be based beyond the economic sphere because if so, everyone would opt for the ultraviolet ray nail drying lamp that is cheaper, however, there are functions that make the LED lights one also chosen by many people. The other elements to take into account to make this choice should be: drying time, power source (batteries or electricity), voltage, among others that are mentioned below:

Brands of products to use

There are enamels and gels that are designed to work with ultraviolet lights, so if they are put to dry in an LED lights, the appropriate results will not be achieved and vice versa, so it is necessary to standardize what you want or unify the type of dryer and products to use so that they are compatible, the results are favorable and no expenses are incurred that in the long run could be detrimental to your budget.

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Drying time

The time between the two models varies and that is how the LED lights can do up to three times faster than the work of the UV led nail lamp. The UV lamps model is ideal for a quick manicure, for people who are impatient or have little time to dedicate to their nails.

Bulb Durability

LED lamps last for 50,000 hours on average, UV nail lamp between 3,000 and 5,000 hours, the difference between one and the other is that although the LED dryer bulb is more durable, once damaged it has no possibility of change, while the UV rays can be replaced by a new one as many times as necessary and continue to work. This investment requires making differences and deciding which one is best for you since it is supposed to last a long time if you choose a quality brand.


The best dryers are undoubtedly the ones that allow you to dry both hands or both feet at the same time, that is, that has the capacity to dry ten nails simultaneously, however, there are more compact models that allow you to dry only four fingers at a time.

Quality guarantee

There are models that only offer a 90-day warranty while others even offer a one to a two-year warranty, which says a lot about a product and the quality with which it was made.

Other Additional Features to Take into Account

There are models of high-end dryers that even have built-in timers that allow you to program the drying times and once this time is reached, they turn off.
There are other models that have a motion sensor and turn it on by putting your hands under the lamp.

Other nail dryers have a fan to enhance drying.

CCFL lamps

These lamps have been on the market for a relatively short time and are used for different types of gel polishes, it is a bit expensive and therefore recommended for use in beauty salons, it requires two minutes to be applied directly to the nails to obtain the expected result.

Buying Guide Of Best Nail Dryer

If you want to buy a nail dryer but you don’t know which nail dryers are better, I propose some criteria to take into consideration before buying:

What technology do they use?

There are different types of nail polish dryers on the market. One of the simplest ways to understand how this product works is that a dryer is like a professional LED nail lamp because, with the light it emits, it dries the previously applied nail polish. There are also nail drying lamps that emit UV led nail lamps, in addition to an LED nail dryer.

Dryer power

One of the best ways to calculate the resistance and speed of any product is knowing the power. In dryers, the power mainly determines the strength with which it performs the entire process. I recommend that before buying any dryer, analyze well if its power will meet your expectations.

Time to dry

This was, without a doubt, the factor that most made me define the purchase. My schedule is very tight because you can imagine that with two children and a job all day, I have little time left. I needed a nail drying lamp that was extremely fast but did its job right at the same time.

Price And Quality

The price you have them from about $ 20 and even what you want to spend. The more expensive it is, the more functions it will have such as auto-on and auto-off, timer programs, etc. There are sellers who grant a one-year warranty on the product, while there are others who only give 90 days.

The duration of the Bulbs

They are essential for visibility and the drying effect. Depending on which model they can last more or less and be more efficient.

Motion Sensors

This is a technology that you will surely not want to miss, but it is not mandatory either. Some nail dryers come with a built-in motion sensor.

This is responsible for turning the equipment on and off automatically without having to press any button when inserting and removing your hands or feet.

They are usually programmed together with the timer and offer the advantage that you can forget about turning the machine on and off while concentrating on other things.

However, it is not a technology of first importance, that is, you can do without it and save yourself a bit of money.

Tips and Warnings When Using UV or LED Nail Dryers

It is always better to distribute the application of the product in three or four thin layers than in two thick layers since drying is more satisfactory in small quantities, the creation of bubbles, or the acrylic is not contracted.

The drying speed of the lamp should be tested little by little until the appropriate time in which to obtain the desired results can be determined. It is advisable to make several checks to determine the ideal time and thus avoid loss of material in case of using an incorrect amount of time for drying between one layer and another since everything will depend on the power of the dryer you have purchased.

Tips For Perfect Natural Nails

Nails are an indication of how healthy our health is. We must take care of them and have them as best as possible, just like we do with our skin. Some tips are:

  • They should be cut and filed frequently: at least once a week and when they are dry. It is not advisable to do it when they are wet or damp because they can chip. In addition, the nail area should be massaged to promote circulation.
  • Take care of the cuticles: Their function is to be a natural barrier that protects the gap between the nail and the finger. Therefore, it cannot be removed unless it is raised because it is dead skin.
  • Polishing: should be done for nails that are flaking.
    Use masks and oils: nails must be nourished and hydrated. Depending on how weak they are, they will have to be done every day or every so often.
  • Protective enamel: it is recommended to change it once a week. If we leave it for a long time it can dry out the nails. It is convenient to put a moisturizing or whitening base.

It is very important that our nails are in good health. If they do not look good, they can indicate that we are lacking in vitamins, poor hydration, and even liver problems.


The MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp nail lamp is a top choice for many due to its affordability, portable size, and simplicity. It’s also super easy to use with 8 different modes that will dry your nails in as little as 5 minutes! We hope this guide has been helpful and we wish you the best in finding the perfect nail dryer for your situation. Do you have any questions? Let us know by commenting below

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