The Benefits Of Foot Massage Before Going To Bed

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The feet play a significant role in our life. They are the ones that support our weight and allow us to move around. The different areas of the soles of the feet have a direct connection with the organs.

We take care of it only too rarely, because it is a part of our body that hides from our sight. We don’t often think about the work our feet do every day. Discover the benefits of foot massage here.

Our feet have to withstand climbs and descents, long walks, as well as all the movements we make every day to move.

It is when we start to suffer from pain, calluses, or other problems that we look for a solution to keep them healthy.

One way to take care of our feet daily to prevent future problems from developing is to massage them every day, just before going to bed. This technique brings many benefits to our organism.

We are going to give you the benefits of foot massage just before going to bed. Do not miss this habit, which will bring you a high quality of life!

foot massage

The Benefits of Foot Massage

A good foot massage strengthens the immune system

The massages are intended to stimulate the feet to relax and heal them. Regular foot massage will help strengthen your immune system.

This technique helps prevent the harmful effects of stress, which, as you know, can cause serious health problems, both physically and emotionally.

Energy and youth

Thanks to foot massage, you will restore the energy of the sensory receptors there. When the feet are rubbed and palpated, they regain all their vigor and youth.

Theories from reflexology suggest that a foot massage releases blockages that can obstruct the flow of energy through the body.

blood circulation

Better blood circulation

Good blood circulation allows oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood to reach the cells of the body adequately.

This function of the blood helps purify the body and eliminate all toxins and waste that can accumulate there.

Blood flow can also be affected by stress. A foot massage can improve this problem and release all the accumulated tension.

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Balance and harmony

Harmonizing body and mind is a difficult task, especially when both are affected by stress and fatigue.

Balance of body and mind can be achieved through foot massage, which promotes homeostasis, a process that allows all systems in the body to work in harmony with each other.

Cleaner skin

By helping to improve blood circulation, this massage helps prevent excessive secretion of harmful substances by the sebaceous and sweat glands. It helps to remove excess fat that can affect the skin.

This massage is also excellent for combating the action of free radicals. This effect helps prevent premature aging and improves skin tone.

skin clean

Decrease in cramps

Relaxing your feet with a massage helps to strengthen the tissues and help lower the lactic acid levels.

In many cases, excess lactic acid is responsible for muscle cramps and pain.

Peace and relaxation

The connection between the feet and the rest of the body relieves anxiety and causes a state of deep relaxation.

The solar plexus is an essential point of our body, which is in our feet. This point is the principal place of stress accumulation.

It can be worked using an acupuncture technique to remove all negative energies. Acupuncture consists of a slight pressure exerted with the fingers on a given point of the body.

It relieves pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine has discovered that acupuncture works on pressure points in the feet and can help treat various health problems.

It is recommended to do a massage that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes to relieve pain and prevent possible pathologies.

Take care of your feet

Take care of your feet

It is essential to know and avoid the gestures that harm your feet. These actions are, unfortunately, widespread today, and foot pain is never taken seriously.

To start with, the way you walk and run is probably wrong. When you walk, you must put the heel down first, then roll out the rest of your foot gradually and finally regain the support thanks to your toes. It should be done as quickly as possible. When you run, you have to do the opposite, i.e., put your toes first and then gradually your heel. It is essential to take this step for a better posture and to reduce the impact on your joints and your feet.

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Choosing your shoes is just as important, do not hesitate to try them on at least 5 minutes in the store before buying them. If you feel any discomfort, avoid buying them.

How to get a massage

The idea of ​​a massage delights you, but you may not have the time, the desire, or the means to go to a professional. You still have the solution to give yourself a massage. Let us guide you.

First of all, do not hesitate to take a scented oil. Whether it’s lavender, almond, or coconut oil, choose the oil you prefer. Then sit down on your sofa and brush your hands with a little oil. Take your foot in your hands. Start with the toes going towards your heel. It is essential to adapt the pressure of your hands. Massage each foot for about 5 minutes, then put on socks that you will keep overnight. Wash your feet on waking with lukewarm water and repeat this process every night before bedtime.

Each part of the foot stimulates a part of the body:

  • the ankles stimulate the reproductive organs
  • the left foot acts on the heart
  • the toes affect nerve endings
  • the right foot touches the liver and stomach
  • the arch of the foot allows you to feel the intestine

Techniques for a good massage

Techniques To Get The Benefits Of Foot Massage

The ideal is to have a massage by a professional, but if it is difficult to obtain the care of a specialist, it is advisable to do it correctly:

Make yourself comfortable. Then bend your leg and put your foot on the other thigh.

Using a special massage lotion, cream or oil, gently massage the whole of the feet, passing through the toes, the heel, and the hollow of the foot.

As a second step, start massaging more deeply using your fist in a dynamic back and forth motion (as if you were kneading bread). You can then hold your foot with both hands and use your thumbs to massage the muscles and skin.

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To relax the muscles of the lower foot, gently pull your toes forward and back, and then right to the left.

Do the same with the other foot for at least 5 minutes.

Necessary Precautions Of Foot Massage

The massage should be healthy. It is essential to dig to know the benefits of foot massage, or it is perhaps a patient with pathology relating to the heart or if it is a diabetic subject. Any possible illness needs to entrust.

For pregnant women, massage is to be applied only under a medical prescription.

Massage Therapy

Sensitive Areas During Massage Therapy

Discover the specific areas that deserve to be taken into account:

  • The toes which are linked to the nerve ends;
  • The point of the heart being located at the level of the left foot;
  • The stomach and liver point is at the level of the right foot;
  • The intestinal point and that of the organs of the peritoneum is located on the plantar part;
  • The location of the reproductive organs is located at the ankles


Patients who experience diabetic pathology require a specific prescription in case of foot massage because the pressures applied are likely to mutate the secretion of insulin in the pancreas.

Massage therapy is prohibited in women during pregnancy during the primary trimesters.

Patients with heart disease should necessarily take appropriate measures to avoid over-stimulating the heart.

Finally, whether as part of an integral massage or focused on this part of the body, foot massage is particularly accessible due to its ease of execution, and it is possible to let yourself to massage yourself. A large number of devices dedicated to this area of ​​the body exist and are available in massage shops. Finally, given the size of the area to be massaged, the massage time is relatively short, which means that even if we do not have much time, it is always possible to take a little wellness break in the day to breathe and do good to your body.

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