How to choose the perfect nail polish after 40 years?

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Believe it or not, the nail salon is one of the favourite places for women who like to take care of themselves. You will probably love to look at this pile of small jars of nail polish.

If you came here, it is because you want to know how to choose the perfect nail polish after 40 years?. We must tell you that these trends are no longer the same as before, and now women who cross this age barrier can use any nail polish because these design products for all ages.

Yes, you read that right, now we can all go all the way with our tones of nail polish! Every woman, whatever her age, has the right to enjoy this pleasure so cheap that it is to paint the nails: from the process of colour selection, to elucidate between the different types of nuances and striking designs.

The trends of colours and types of enamel are continually changing. Today you no longer have to worry about the age, season or climate you have: you have to worry about choosing the perfect nail polish for you and use this enamel to improve your complexion and beauty, but nothing more.

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How to choose the perfect nail polish after 40 years?

As we said, when we talk about caring for and beautifying your nails, age is no longer a border. However, there are some essential aspects that you should also remember:

  1. Pay attention to nail care.
  2. Carefully examine the colour of the nails you are going to choose. Think of it this way: select the colour of your nails like you would with a lipstick.
  3. Try to keep your nails short and square, oval to keep them always young.

Tips for keeping up with the latest nail trends

Personally, although it sounds classic, the first thing we can recommend to you is to use the best brands of nail polish.

Some of these nail polish brands that aren’t as well. On the other hand, in terms of which nail colours to use, we give you a series of factors to take into account:

  1. Bright orange-red nails attract attention by highlighting your nails on your hands.
  2. The burgundy, plum, and even brown colours are versatile for day and night combinations.

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Beware of the choice of green and blue colours

While we said age doesn’t matter when choosing a colour, what you need to know is that as you get older, the skin on your hands and wrists is more likely to have blue veins. For this reason, we advise you to avoid pale or fresh tones such as bluish and greenish so as not to accentuate these veins.

If you have fair skin, choose shades of white, “champagne” or “sand”. If your skin is darker, it is better to opt for cocoa, cappuccino, brown or grey tones.

All shades of brown or chocolate are young and very fashionable but do not go for very dark browns because they are usually too rough.

The pink colours

The pink colours are perfect for people who want to attract attention to their nails rather than their fingers and hands.

For women with longer and thinner toes, we recommend using lighter, softer tones like a baby pink.

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Brilliant shades

As with the colour of lipstick or eyeshadow, it is often advisable to avoid colours that are too strong. However, that doesn’t mean there is no room for fun.

There are very special nail polishes that can surprise you a lot, such as mirror effect varnishes, varnishes that change colour depending on the temperature or varnishes that give volume to the nail.

For starters, you can try a metallic or “reflective” touch, for example. We like the way metallic colours capture light; it’s like adding a touch between desire and intrigue.

The nail colours we recommend avoiding

Yellow nail polish, for example, can make your hands look sick, highlighting details that you don’t want them to stand out.

If you still keep your hands young, you can wear bright yellow; if this is not your case, we suggest you opt for a golden yellow.

And for you, what are your favourite nail polishes after 40 years? Do you like light, neutrality or do you prefer to go out without nails? Make your comments here. If you want to know more like How to choose the perfect nail polish after 40 years? then visit our Blog section.

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