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One of the latest trends for nails is Japanese manicure. In Japan, the care of the hands and especially of the nails is essential, so that the so-called Japanese manicure has become fashionable, which consists of wearing clean and well-polished nails, but with a system that is specific for each person. Let’s see, then, a guide of steps in which we explain how to do the Japanese manicure.

The gel nail manicure is perhaps the most fashionable manicure in recent years since thanks to this you can wear a beautiful manicure in which the nails look neat, well defined, and also with spectacular colors or designs. Still, it seems that the Japanese manicure now comes to eat your ground, considering that in this type of manicure nail care is essential, but without using chemicals and natural products. Let’s see then how it originates and how to do it step by step.

What is a Japanese manicure?

Japanese women have been using this manicure for four hundred years. It makes the nails nourished and also extremely shiny. A Japanese company developed this method.

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It consists of rubbing a select paste with vitamins and minerals on a natural nail body and applying a layer of powder on top. The paste has a characteristic green color and contains substances that nourish and strengthen the nails, giving them a unique pink pearl shine. It is thanks to vitamins A and E, silica from the Sea of ​​Japan, bee pollen, and keratin.

Before applying the paste, we should polish the top layer of each nail. In this way, the paste will penetrate the deep layer of the nail body. To keep it in place, massage a small amount of the individual powder into your nails.

The complete secret is in the proper rubbing of the paste and the powder: in the same direction and with the use of deerskin polishers; green is used to rub the paste and pink is used to massage the powder. During treatment, metal nail files are not used, and the cuticles are not cut.


The history goes that this ancient manicure was used by the most prominent families of the nobility in Japan.

Later, due to its popularity, ordinary citizens began to use it, making it known to the rest of the world.

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How To Japanese manicure consist?

The Japanese manicure consists of working your nails hydrating them to the maximum so that they are mainly nourished and with a spectacularly healthy appearance.

The Japanese manicure does not make use of any chemical agent.

How is it performed?

This type of technique can be performed on both fingernails and toenails, and its main objective is to restore light and shine to nails that have been lost due to use or aggressive medical treatments.

The realization of this manicure consists of working the nail in an extremely delicate way.

The first thing that is done is a nail file with a smooth file, leaving them to a practically short length.

The cuticle is then removed with a wooden stick usually called an orange stick.

After this step, we massage each nail with a moisturizing oil, always using a natural product with zero chemicals.

Once the nail is adequately hydrated, we polish it with a chamois to make the previously massaged product penetrate and provide smoothness and cleanliness to your nails.

After this step, we will carry out a relaxing massage on your hands to hydrate the skin and finish the treatment.

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Japanese manicure: step by step

Since its origin, this type of manicure has been made with natural products, based on beeswax, which can also be enriched with algae, green tea, and honey, to polish the nail.

It is a real ritual, based on the principle of stratification: beauty care for the nails that, in each step, will bring you benefits, so it is especially indicated if you have fragile nails or have undergone a process of false nails during a long time. Let’s see how it is done.

  1. The first step to being able to do the Japanese manicure is to go to a beauty salon since although you will find special kits to do it at home, the process is somewhat lengthy (it lasts almost an hour) and you need to have some experience in the care of the nail.
  2. Also, the Japanese manicure is strictly individual, so they will first make a careful analysis of your nails.
  3. After choosing the right products for your treatment, they will clean your nails with a disinfecting solution, prepared with natural ingredients: in this way, bacteria will be eliminated, and your nails will be softened. It is also used to prevent inflammation.
  4. At this point, a special oil, usually prepared with ylang-ylang oil, lotus seeds, red tea, algae, keratin, bamboo, and vanilla, will be applied to the cuticles to facilitate the use of the orangewood stick. But let’s go step by step.
  5. Before applying all this, the entire nail is well filed, and then a sponge is used to shape the surface.
  6. If necessary, the cuticles will be removed after they have been soaked with the mentioned products.
  7. Once the classic manicure is complete, the Japanese manicure can be started.
  8. With a light massage, a nourishing paste is used, based on beeswax and other natural elements (already mentioned above) that will restore moisture and shine to the nail. Massage increases blood flow, stimulating circulation in the fingers, facilitating the growth of nails, preventing the formation of bacteria and inflammation.
  9. Then, with a suede brush, polish the nail to ensure that the paste thoroughly penetrates and softens it; It is applied using the less rough side of the polisher. Nails become shiny immediately.
  10. Finally, the final touch: a powder based on pearls, calcium, and whitening rice is applied to the nails, rich in trace elements with fortifying and nourishing properties, for a shiny finish.
  11. The result? The nails will look very natural and healthy, smooth, and shiny as if the transparent enamel had been applied. And they will be like this for about two weeks.

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Effects Of Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure is a method that nourishes and strengthens natural nails and gives them a healthy pink pearl shine. It is due to the ingredients that the natural paste contains: vitamins A and E, keratin, bee pollen, and silica from the Sea of ​​Japan. The Japanese manicure is especially recommended for brittle, broken, and brittle nails.

The effect of the treatment is visible immediately after the procedure. To last, it should be repeated 3 or 4 times within three weeks. Read more about manicure from here.

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