How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

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Today we will teach you how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover or using homemade methods. Anyway, removing nail polish is already a natural activity for many women. Either because it has been damaged or because we simply want to change color. We are already prepared with our piece of cotton and the nail polish remover. Many of us do not know that we have homemade solutions to remove the nail polish and thus avoid using products with chemicals that can be harmful to the nails.

We also give you some tips to remove the nail polish from clothes in case an accident happens during your manicure.

How to remove nail polish without nail polish remover

Although the nail polish remover is very convenient and practical to remove nail polish, it is not always an option. If at that time you do not have any at home or your skin reacts negatively to its contact, you can choose effective home solutions to remove the nail polish. Please see below some home solutions.

Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste, particularly whiteners, works best for this purpose. It is also a less aggressive method. We can start with this and test it. Also, everyone has toothpaste at home.

  1. Put your fingers in a bowl of hot soapy water for 5-15 minutes. This will facilitate the process.
  2. Put a small nut of toothpaste on a cotton ball and apply it to the nail for about 30 seconds using circular movements.
  3. Rub gently until you can remove the nail polish.
  4. Wash your hands with soap and water and especially don’t forget to apply cuticle oil or any moisturizer you have.
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Deodorant Spray

You will only need a spray deodorant and a cloth or paper napkin. To do this, spray your nails as close as you can and clean your nails with the cloth or paper napkin. It is likely that on the first try you will not remove everything, but you will need a new application to have your nails clean and free of any type of nail polish.

You will need to look for one that has a lot of alcohol to work but keep in mind that if your nail polish is very old, it is likely that this or any other method will not work. Also keep in mind that if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, it can cause unpleasant reactions.

Nail Polish

Right, you are hearing correctly, it works. The solvents are present in the composition of the nail polish that you have already applied. Simply try to avoid quick-drying nail polish as these will be less effective due to their chemical composition.

  1. Apply nail polish in a thick layer, one nail at a time until you have finished the process.
  2. Do not let the nail polish dry and with the help of kitchen paper clean the nail polish thoroughly. Repeat this process several times until you get the desired result on each nail, especially if you have several layers of nail polish.
  3. If this solution does not work for you at all, you can combine some of the others indicated here until you get the desired result.
  4. Don’t forget to wash your hands with plenty of soap and water. These processes can dry out your nails.
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Lemon Slices

Lemon is a natural ingredient that will allow us to remove nail polish in the blink of an eye. It’s very simple, all you need is a little hot soapy water and a couple of lemon slices. The acidity of the lemon makes this method so effective.

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  1. Put your fingers in a bowl with hot soapy water for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Use a lemon slice to rub your nails as if you were using a cotton pad soaked in acetone.
  3. Wash your hands again once the nail polish has disappeared.
  4. Don’t forget to hydrate your nails well. This is a point to keep in mind after rubbing them with the acidity of lemon.

Perfume or Body Spray

To use body spray or perfume as nail polish remover. Take a cotton ball and spray it abundantly until it is very well imbibed. Then proceed to remove the nail polish in the same way that you would with a common nail polish remover. Remember that if you can not get everything in the first test, you must try again until you get the desired result.

Hair Spray

This type of product contains alcohol and therefore, like alcohol, it can also help us for this purpose.

Put your fingers in a bowl of hot soapy water for 5-15 minutes. This will facilitate the process since it will slightly soften the nail and the nail polish on it.

  1. Spray the lacquer on dry cotton.
  2. Hold the cotton over each nail for at least about 30 seconds.
  3. Help yourself in circular movements until you can make the enamel disappear.
  4. Alcohol dries out a lot, so don’t forget to wash your hands in plenty of soapy water and hydrate them generously.

Top Coat

When you apply a top coat it immediately begins a bonding process to the nail polish. At that time, the nail polish is more liquid and diluted, being more easily removed. Since most topcoats provide quick drying, this period of time is quite short, so you should remove nail polish as soon as you apply it.

  1. Apply the top coat on the nail polish.
  2. Then rub the nail using a cotton swab or pad. Repeat if necessary.
  3. It is recommended to do each nail at the same time due to the quick-drying effect of the topcoat.
  4. Do not use a piece of conventional cotton since the nail polish will become thick and sticky and some threads may get caught.
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Lemon Juice And Vinegar

The great acidity present in both lemon juice and vinegar makes them effective substances for many types of functions. In this case, we will double their effectiveness if we combine them to remove normal and even semi-permanent nail polish. They are also very easily found in any food establishment and almost all of us have them at home.

  1. Dip your fingers in hot soapy water for at least 15 minutes. This will facilitate the process.
  2. Mix equal parts lemon juice and white vinegar well.
  3. Soak a piece of cotton in the mixture and instead of rubbing it on the nails, keep it pressed for at least 30 seconds on the nail. This allows the components to break through the enamel layers effectively. Remove the remains of enamel with the help of cotton.
  4. Wash your hands and nails with soapy and abundant water. Don’t forget to hydrate your nails well with cuticle oil or cream. The acid in these ingredients can make your nails very dry.
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Gel Alcohol

Plain alcohol can be used to remove nail polish but it is not overly efficient. Gel alcohol, on the other hand, gives much better results.

Put a little of this product on each of your nails, and with a cotton swab in circular movements. You may have to repeat the process once or twice to get the enamel to disappear entirely.

Of course, we recommend you finish the process by applying moisturizing cream on your hands because alcohol can slightly dry out the skin.

Rubbing With Alcohol

Rubbing with alcohol is a widely used replacement solution in the absence of nail polish remover. It is easy to find, cheap, and everything you need in a little cotton, a bowl of hot soapy water, and alcohol.

  1. Put your fingers in a bowl of hot soapy water for 5-15 minutes. If you have several layers of enamel, you can previously pass a superficial file to try to scratch the upper layers and facilitate the process.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in alcohol and rub it on each nail until the nail polish disappears.
  3. Wash your hands with soap and water and above all, don’t forget to apply cuticle oil or, failing that, any moisturizer you have.

Lemon and vinegar

If you don’t have any of the above products, you can choose a natural, home remedy to remove nail polish without nail polish remover that is just as efficient. You only need vinegar and lemon.

Mix a cup of vinegar and one cup of lemon juice and let your hands soak in this solution for about 10 minutes. After that time, rub your nails with cotton until the paint is completely removed.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Nail file

Almost everyone has a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in their medicine cabinet. Like alcohol, this product can be found easily in the pharmacy, supermarket … etc, and is as or more effective than alcohol since it does almost all the work by itself.

  1. Mix 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide and 1 part of warm water in a bowl.
  2. Insert your fingers for a few seconds.
  3. With your fingers immersed in the solution, try to remove the nail polish.
  4. If after following these steps you cannot remove all the enamel, gently file the remains with a best nail file.
  5. Wash your hands with soap and water abundantly and above all do not forget to hydrate your nails.
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How to remove nail polish from clothing

Sometimes accidents happen and you may get nail polish on your clothes, but in the case of synthetic or natural fibers, you can easily recover your clothes at home:

nail care tips

  1. Store the garment in the freezer or apply an ice pack on the nail polish to harden it.
  2. Peel off and remove the larger chunks of the now-hardened enamel from clothing, taking care not to pull on the fibers. You can use tweezers to do it more smoothly.
  3. Apply some acetone-based nail polish remover to an area of ​​clothing that is not exposed to test its effect on the garment colors. If there is no reaction, soak a towel or cloth in the nail polish remover and apply it gently to the inside of the nail polish stain (with the garment inside out). Do not rub to avoid pulling the fabric and damaging it.
  4. Repeat step 3 as many times as necessary until the stain disappears or becomes very subtle.
  5. Wash the garment normally in the washing machine following the instructions on the label and using a quality detergent.

If the nail polish remover test in step 3 affects the colors, try again using one without acetone.

Note: Acetone can melt the fibers of synthetic delicate clothing. Therefore, the use of nail polish remover without this component is recommended to remove the nail polish from the fabric. Since it is less effective on clothing, you may, however, have to resort to a professional cleaning service.

Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, toothpaste, vinegar, and even the nail polish itself can be great allies to remove the old and unwanted nail polish that you want to remove urgently. Using these techniques, which do involve an extra time expense, but which can be very useful in these times of confinement when we do not easily have the right products or the way to go to a professional.

It is important to underline that these solutions are emergency remedies and that they can work better or worse depending on multiple factors. such as the type of nail polish that you wear, the layers that you have put on, the quality of the enamel, the days that you have put it on, your nail quality … etc.

In any case, they are non-harmful solutions for your nails, sometimes even healthier than using pure acetone or biting off the nail polish. But above all, do not underestimate the “post-operative”: hydrate once the process has been carried out. Thanks for reading about how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover.

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