How To Remove Gel Nails At Home Without Damaging Natural Nails

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To remove the gel from your nails, it is not enough to take them off or tear them off, so we will explain how to remove gel nails at home without damaging natural nails.

Surely it has happened to you some time that you have put gel nails in a beauty center, you have left there with perfect hands and you have boasted a lot during the first days. The worst thing is that the following week you have begun to notice that they no longer look the same as they did when they were recent.

Some of them fall out, you have a gap between the false nail and your cuticle that you should paint the same color. If you do not want it to look horrible or it may have been your first time with these natural gel nails and do not manage to send a WhatsApp and much less when doing the dishes. You decide to remove them by ripping them off or trying different aggressive methods that end up damaging your nail and finally you have no choice but to go to your beautician again to have them removed, having to pay almost the same amount that it cost you to put them on.

I do not want it to happen again, waste your time and lose money, so I am going to teach you step by step, how to remove gel nails at home in a very simple way and without harming your hands one iota.

How To Remove Gel Nails At Home

If you want to learn how to remove gel nails from home, follow below tricks and home remedies :

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Step 1: Use Acetone To Remove Acrylic Nails

For this process to have a good result, we will first need to get a bottle of 100% acetone. Attention! This method will not work if you use conventional nail polish remover from the one sold in all perfume shops. We have to go further, go to a cosmetic products store where you can buy pure acetone.

use acetone

They say that this way of removing acrylic nails is much easier if we previously heat the acetone, but be careful! You have to be especially careful because it is a very flammable product. We must make it take the right temperature by putting the acetone in a bowl previously covered with aluminum foil, inside another bowl with hot water, as if we were heating the water bath.

When we have warm acetone, we can start the process:

Step 2: File The False Nails

First of all, with the help of a common nail file, we will gradually file our false nails over the top, leaving a thin film. We will also eliminate its length since this will be much easier.

We have to be very careful not to get to our nails since we could rub them and damage them. At the slightest indication that your nail is already showing, stop filing, Better prevention than cure! Also, due to the strong glue used for this type of nail, our true nail is weaker, so we have to pay special attention.

file the nails

Once filed, the best thing is to do a small massage on all the fingers with petroleum jelly up to the knuckles, avoiding it being applied just above the nail. With this we will ensure that our cuticle and skin do not suffer in the procedure, we also kill two birds with one stone since we also hydrate the nails.

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Step 3: Soak A Cotton Ball And Cover With Aluminum Foil

Now it is time to start soaking cotton with acetone, it is important that we go one by one since this product evaporates easily, and between cotton and cotton do not forget to cover the bowl. We will place the cotton on the nail and immediately wrap our fingers with aluminum foil as a cone, ensuring that there is no gap and that it remains completely covered. We let it act for about 15 or 20 minutes until the nail softens.

cover with aluminum foil

Step 4: Patience, The Mother Of All Sciences

When time passes remove one of the foil cones, sliding the cotton over the nail, if it comes off perfectly it is time to remove what is left, if it is not and it is still stuck, keep it a few more minutes.


Once the acetone has made its effect of softening the acrylic nail it is time to get down to work and get rid of all the remains. We will help ourselves with a cuticle pusher to remove it calmly and take great care not to scrape or damage our own nails.

Step 5: Hydrate Your Hands And Strengthen Your Nails

Your true nails are now very weak, you can even get white spots.

When you have removed all the false ones, perform a massage with a moisturizer, insisting to a greater extent, in the most affected areas, repeat this process over and over again until your fingers hydrate again.

strengthen your nails

After this, try to file your nails in a rounded way since if they end in a peak they could get more hooked and break easily. When you have finished filling them, wet your cuticles with special oil or balm. This is the part of your finger that has suffered the most for what deserves to be pampered. Let it dry and apply your usual hardener so that your nails grow healthy.

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Now that you know how to remove gel nails at home, forget about having to go to the beauty center again for a few weeks.

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