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How to Fix a Broken Nail With Household Materials

If you want to know how to fix a broken nail it is surely this has happened to you more than once: You have a party or an important event, you decide to do the manicure to look perfect and after a few hours suddenly ZAS! Your nail is cut in half! This is one of the things that annoy most women and make instant panic. After having spent a long time filing, cutting, painting, and waiting for the enamel to dry, a nail to break is the worst thing that can happen to us. When this happens, the options that go through your head are two: the first one is to remove the polish and cut them all so that there are no long nails and other short ones and the second alternative is to run to your nail salon so that one specialist is responsible for fixing the disaster. However, and even if you did not know it until now, there is a much faster and simpler solution to fix a broken nail. And from home! What are you waiting for? Check out our trick!

How to fix a broken nail at home the easy way

Oddly enough, you don’t need to cut your broken nail to fix it. If you cut it you will only get to leave the nail with spikes and even hurt yourself. To fix a broken nail in record time you only need the following materials (you can surely find them at home):

  • A tea bag
  • Clear enamel
  • Scissors
  • A file
  • A cotton bud or tweezers to pluck the eyebrows

tea bag

How to fix a broken nail with a tea bag

1. To start, clean and dry the nail well to remove the remains of enamel. To do this, you can use your usual nail polish remover and then rinse the nail with water.

2. Second, empty the contents of the teabag and cut it into the shape of your nail. To make it easier for you, you can trace the shape of the nail with a pencil on the paper and once done cut it.

3. Apply the clear polish on your broken nail.

4. Next, glue the piece of the teabag that you have cut on top of the nail, covering it completely. Use the tweezers or the cotton swab to help you glue it on. It is very important that you do it this way because if you use your finger it will get stuck. Let it dry.

5. Cut off the excess of the teabag (flush with the nail) and apply another layer of clear enamel on top.

6. Let it dry completely and, to finish, polish with a file slowly and gently the rough edges that may have remained so that it is completely smooth.

7. Once you have done all these steps well, you will have reinforced your nail with a layer that will allow you to repaint it again and decorate it as you wish. The purpose of this trick is to make the tea bag flange fully integrated into the nail surface, joining the part of the broken nail with the rest.

repair nail

Other tricks to fix a broken nail

If you love permanent nail polish and unfortunately you have a broken nail, the best thing is to do apply a drop of nail glue just where it has broken and file afterward. This is one of the fastest methods to fix a broken nail, although this way it does not ensure that your fix is ​​durable, especially if the nail has been broken in half.

If the breakage of your nail is slight and you think you can still keep it, apply a coat of enamel as a bonding method. This simple trick will serve you until your broken nail grows enough to be able to file it again and equalize it to the others.

If the break is located at the edges, you can use clear plasters. They will help you hold the area of ​​the break and, at the same time, they will allow you to avoid drastic solutions such as removing or cutting part of the nail. 


Now you know how to repair a broken nail easily in three minutes. As you can see, it is not complicated and it will not take long. Also, if you use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone, the arrangement may take a few color changes. If, on the contrary, your idea was not to give it color and leave it natural, it is also possible, since the texture of the tea bag remains transparent and fully integrated into the surface of your nail, appearing to be part of it (We recommend wearing it painted to prevent it from getting caught.)

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