Gel manicure : Everything You Should Know Before Applying

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Unlike conventional manicures, gel nails stay much longer and make life easier. For many women, they have become an aesthetic miracle that they could not give up. Today, Nail Care Zone tells you everything you need to know about why choose a gel manicure. Read on!

What is gel manicure?

Gel nails are more fashionable than ever, and they are the perfect alternative to keep them looking flawless longer.

By taking a more natural approach, they have no impact on the wearer’s health. They consist of a molded gel and are hardened by the ultraviolet or LED light.

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Benefits of gel manicure for nails

Gel nails are a semi-permanent alternative with a professional finish and excellent durability. So they are so popular with women who attend beauty salons.

The development of gel manicure is straightforward and can be done at home if you have the gel powder of your choice and a UV lamp for more effective fixing and drying.

Besides, the difference between gel and natural nails is almost invisible, making those who wear them feel extremely safe to wear them.

The common problems of acrylic nails, for example, the unpleasant odor they sometimes give off, are not a concern for users who prefer to opt for a gel manicure.

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Types of the gel used in gel manicure

Gel bases: used to fix the structure to be sculpted and prevent the nail from falling.

Construction gels: Used to build and sculpt the nail, can be used under different application techniques.

Finishing gels: They have two functions: to seal the sculpted nail when finished and to protect it to prevent scratches and falls. They also give shine and a natural look.

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Makeup gels: These are gels used to compensate for any imperfections and to give color.

Monophasic gels: They are used throughout the modeling phase and help lengthen the nails.

Colored gels: They act as permanent makeup on the nails.

3D / 4D gels: Very thick and thick, they are used to decorate in relief.

SOAK-OFF Gels: They are removable and can be easily removed.

Enamel gels: Suitable for semi-permanent enameling and are easily removable.

Led-gel: They are activated by LED light and are the new type of gel for nails, quite flexible and easy to use.

In beauty salons, there are two types of gel nails: soft and hard.

Soft gels are very flexible products that cannot be used to extend nails.

In the range of gels, we can find different types, such as, for example, the thickest used to make relief patterns or those that makeup imperfections and provide a natural color that goes unnoticed before the most critical looks.

Hard gels are generally used to structure the nail and ensure that it does not fall or be damaged. These can provide length because when exposed to UV or LED light, they harden and fix, ensuring that they remain intact for several weeks.

Precautions to Avoid Accidents
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Why is Gel Manicure your best choice?

So what are the real benefits of a gel manicure, and why choose them?

The natural look of gel nails sets them apart from the rest.

Their durability and low maintenance are the ideal choices for women who do not have much time to visit the salon or be retouched.

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In addition, LED technology, which has recently been mixed with this technique, allows the production of this type of manicure is extremely fast while allowing different styles and modalities that adapt to any lifestyle.

What you need to know about gel manicure

Not everything is rosy, and no matter the professionalism of the application or the quality of the gel to be applied, the nails can weaken after having practiced the process several times. Especially if, when it comes to removing nails, you do it suddenly or aggressively.

The gel nails must be removed in a beauty salon, under the care of professionals who will try to minimize any possible damage to your natural nails.

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Another option is to learn how to remove gel nails by yourself and at home. You can do this if you don’t have time to visit a beauty salon; all you need is 100% acetone or a special gel to complete the process.

The procedure is simple: dip a cotton pad in the solvent or acetone, wrap the nail and cotton in aluminum foil, cover the whole hand with a towel and wait, depending on the material used, between a few minutes and an hour.

If you do not know the same material from which your nails are made of gel, it is better to visit a beauty salon and perform this process by the hand of an expert. Hydration of the nails during the process is crucial to avoid possible damage. The use of moisturizing oils, creams, or lotions is essential.

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If you need to look perfect for a particular event or have a series of consecutive events to attend, it’s best to go for gel manicures at your nearest salon.

The duration of this type of manicure allows you not to have to worry about renewing or retouching them in a short period, so its cost is justified.

Of course, be sure to contact professionals so that the quality of work is better and the cost-benefit ratio is satisfactory.

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