Foot Care Tips at Home To Maintain Beautiful Feet

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Although we all know that the feet are one of the most important parts of our body, we do not usually give them the care they deserve. Fortunately, the choice of footwear is something that, given all the tools we have at our disposal, we have improved a lot and we no longer allow ourselves to be influenced as much by the colors, fashion or the recommendation of the neighbor; But when it comes to your own care, such as drying them well after the shower or hydrating them weekly, we still have many shortcomings.

When running, it is common that, occasionally, there are some chafing, blistering, black nails … which, almost always, are due to bad practices.

We review those details that you surely know, but obvious. and should not be overlooked.

Foot Care Tips at Home

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Size does matter

Let’s start with the basics. The shoes, as we mentioned, are an aspect that we tend to take better care of, although it does not hurt to check the size, they should not be bigger or smaller than your size.

But socks are the forgotten ones, it is probably the garment we use to run that we pay the least attention to. And I dare say that, together with the bra, it is one of the most important. Make sure they are your size, good quality, breathable, and, preferably, seamless.

Cut your nails straight

The nails of the feet are the protective barrier of our fingers, they are in charge of protecting the nerve endings and that is why we must pay special attention to them. It is enough to cut the nail straight and file the edges to avoid that them get caught in the socks or that blood accumulates underneath due to blows.

Avoid wearing painted nails all year round since you will not be able to detect if it has a problem such as fungi or bacteria, you will only be able to ‘cover’ the infection and not give it a solution.

And also keep in mind the diet if you want strong nails.

Keep your feet dry

It is not good to have wet feet, and it is very normal after training due to sweat. Both heat and humidity can cause fungi and bacteria to appear.

Try drying them well after showering and if they sweat a lot, try putting on talcum powder.

Don’t forget to avoid walking barefoot in areas prone to accumulating humidity, such as saunas or community showers.

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Hydrate your feet regularly

This is a crucial step that everyone should take regardless of whether or not they are a broker. Use a moisturizer after showering and massage until the cream has fully penetrated.

Good hydration will provide us with healthy and elastic skin, which will avoid possible blisters, chafing, or even cracks in the heels.

Stretch your feet

Yes, the feet are also stretched. Set aside a few minutes after each workout. Providing flexibility will earn you a lot.

If you also apply a self-massage you will finish relaxing them and relieving their tension; In addition, it will also facilitate the recovery of blood flow from this area.

Go to the podiatrist

Just like you go to the dentist periodically for a checkup, the same thing you should do with the podiatrist, prevention is the great forgotten in podiatry.

Most of the consultations take place when we have a problem or intense pain and, unfortunately, it is then when the treatments are more complex or surgery is necessary.

thanks for reading about foot care tips at home.

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