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Nail care is essential if we want to show off beautiful, soft, and cared hands. I am totally in favor of using natural remedies rather than chemicals for this, so here I offer you a list of the best natural oils for your nails.

They work for me, and I am convinced that you choose the one you choose, it will leave your nails fresh from beauty and aesthetic salon. Best of all, you can use them yourself at home, and it won’t cost as much.

Olive oil

Who doesn’t have olive oil in their pantry? It is one of the most effective oils on this list and the one we have closest.

The olive oil will hydrate your nails, strengthen them, and prevent the appearance of stretch marks and cracks on them due to dryness.

You can soak a cotton ball in this oil and massage each of your nails with it for about a couple of minutes. Or, you can pour some of this oil into a small bowl and soak your nails in it for about 10 minutes.

Sweet almond oil

If you have small calluses on your fingers or hangnails, this oil will be beneficial. It is economical and helps a lot to soften the hardness and to hydrate them in depth.

For the cuticles, it also comes in handy since it softens them, and later they are easier to remove.

Argan oil

This oil is known as the liquid gold of Morocco. It is one of the best natural oils that exist today in the natural cosmetics market since it is not only used for nails but also for dry and damaged skin or hair.

It is incredibly hydrating, and its benefits and results are visible to the naked eye after using it daily.

Rosehip oil

It is one of the most potent regenerating oils that exist. Like argan oil, it is also suitable for skin and hair. It is used mainly for scars and stretch marks, but on the nails, it is also used. It strengthens them and makes them more resistant to shocks and external climatic agents, such as a severe cold or extreme heat.

Rosemary essential oil

If you like the smell of rosemary, you will appreciate the smell of this oil. While you massage your nails and hands with it, you will feel more relaxed since rosemary oil is widely used in aromatherapy sessions.

Your nails will look neat and beautiful with the frequent use of this natural oil.

We promise you to use whatever oil you use; you will see results soon if you use it almost every day for at least a week.

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