What is Russian manicure? How to do it at Home Easily

russian manicure

Have you heard of the Russian manicure? Surely, in a while, it is on everyone’s lips. So, since you also like to try new and beautiful things for your nails, you decide to do a little more research to find out what the Russian manicure is and how you could make it yourself. If so, … Read more

7 Tips Of Toenails Care You Should Know And Follow

toenails care

Toenails care is not just a matter of aesthetics. We always want to keep them beautiful, especially in summer, when we shine our feet more frequently. But their well-being influences much more than beauty. When the toenails have problems, they can cause discomfort, condition our walking, restrict our movements, and cause pain in the back … Read more

Spa Manicure: A relaxing massage for your nails and hands

Features of Acrylic Nails

Spa manicures are much more than just filing and painting your nails. Instead, it is quite a rest for your nails and hands. In this frenzy in which everyone lives today, it is necessary to find certain moments of relaxation to balance stress. Aim the spa manicure to enjoy a time for yourself where the … Read more

How To Do A Permanent Manicure At Home Easiest Way

How To Do A Permanent Manicure At Home Easiest Way

If you are tired of painting your nails and they last one afternoon, it is excruciating. Now we will show you the steps about how to do a permanent Manicure At Home without noticing any problems. Permanent nail polishes are revolutionizing manicures due to their durability and elegant result. Like a few years ago, no … Read more

Why Do Toenails Turn Orange Know The Causes and Solution

Why Do Toenails Turn Orange

If you are wondering Why Do Toenails Turn Orange, it is something that is happening to yours. You should know that this change in coloration is so scary at first sight. It can be mainly due to two things: a health problem or the use of inappropriate products. Knowing the cause will help you to … Read more

Top 10 Questions About Gel Nails Read Before Doing

Gel Nails

The manicure technique helps us to look great nails in a very short time. One of those manicures is the gel one, which allows you to show off your nails in the most natural way and without the need to spend exorbitant money. For those who decide to bet on this type of manicure, it … Read more

Best Healthy Toenail Care in Summer Check it Now

Healthy Toenail Care

The feet are possibly the most affected part of the body in summer. These support the entire weight of the body, suffer consequences when walking, and, depending on the type of shoe you wear, they may suffer more than normal. It is essential to spend time on the feet to take care of them and … Read more